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Father's Day Gift Ideas from Regalo Manila


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Now that Father’s Day is only a few days away, Regalo Manila has now presented a list of gifts that their customers can use for the upcoming event. This list will not only serve as a guide for their customers but can also help their customer service representatives in aiding the company’s existing customers in choosing gifts for the coming Father’s Day.

Father’s Day has always been a tradition in the Philippines. Although it is not that big of an event in the country, it is still an event that is well accepted in the country simply because it is a celebration of the family. Filipinos have always been known as family-oriented people. They love celebrating with their families in any type of event. It does not matter if it is a simple birthday or an event like Father’s Day. Filipinos will always try to get an excuse to spend some time with their families.

With this, a company like Regalo Manila hopes to help their customers by taking the guesswork outside of their gift choosing regimen. Events like these after all can get quite confusing. These are the days that customers will usually have a lot of items to choose from and it is hard for them to choose the right gifts for their loved ones.

Regalo Manila understands this because of its background. Aside from the fact that it is a company that has dealt with gifts and gift delivery for 5 years, they also have thousands of customers that they serve. They offer to send gifts, flowers, stuffed toys, chocolates and other items to people in the Philippines on behalf of their loved ones who live abroad.

With this, Regalo Manila has come up with a list of 4 potential items that would make perfect gifts on Father’s Day. These are a wallet, some blue flowers, cookies and some food items.


Regalo Manila put this on top of their list on purpose. Aside from the fact that it is a very important tool for most men, it can also serve as a good gift item. That’s because a wallet is something that almost every man needs. And since it is always used, it can wear down through constant use. With this, it is important to have a reserved wallet for those emergency times when a wallet was broken. With this, the man still has a reserved item that he can use.

Blue Flowers

Next on the list of Regalo Manila are some blue flowers. While flowers are usually given to women, there are still some variant of flowers that are good for men. Take blue flowers for instance. These items can make good gifts for men even if they are flowers. And it is not only because of the color. Flowers still have something relaxing in them and it is because they are alive and they are naturally beautiful. Aside from that, it also smells so good that it can also make any man happy.


Third in the list are some cookies. This is because while men are usually fond of junk food or fatty food, there are still some men who love sweet foods like chocolates and cookies. Regalo Manila knows this as their men employees are also quite fond of sweets. With this, they have decided to included some cookies and other sweets in their Father’s Day roster.

Food Items

Last but not the least; Regalo Manila has also included some food items on their list. Usually they are packed as in a party food package so that it can serve a lot of people at a time. The reason why Regalo Manila included this in their list goes down to the first reason on why father’s day is celebrated in the country. After all, the event is not celebrated for the father alone. It is celebrated for the family. With this, food items come in handy so that everyone can eat.

Regalo Manila will be releasing these items on their Father’s Day category. They will be printing this list and will be giving it not only to their customers but also to their customer service representatives who will be aiding their customers in choosing some gifts for Father’s Day.