The TeamWorx Health-and-Wellness Team Announces the Custom-Made Fatloss Software at Reduced Prices


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2014 -- The TeamWorx health-and-wellness team, in association with Fatloss Factor, is pleased to announce the custom-made fatloss software that is making headlines across America and helping people with weight problems become Fat Loss Fantastics at reduced prices.

After successful fat losses in his clinic, helping thousands of patients, Dr Charles Livingston realized that although his fat loss factors were being effectively used by patients who were happy with the $732 fee, Dr Charles wanted to help even more fat-challenged people get the health benefits, social-acceptance benefits and healthy sense of well-being with a much more affordable entrance fee. It took months of development, adjustment, analysis and obstacle-removing, but Dr Charles pressed on and TeamWorx is proud to help deliver what he gives to the fat loss community.

Without mind-bending exercizes, stomach-growling hunger, friends-laughing weird diets or expensive, dangerous pills and/or medications Dr Charles is delivering an affordable, effective fat loss solution that comes in under $50. But Dr Charles listened to his patients and went overboard to provide even more value to fat loss fighters. He gives fat loss, full-figure folks fantastic, flab-fighting facts in addition to The Fat Loss Factor. The friends of the folks who lost 9 pounds in 10 days were REALLY shocked when some of them went on to lose 90 pounds and 6 dress sizes!

Dr Livingston shows his patients and his clients WHY women have scientific, factual reasons for having fat-losing difficulty far in excess of men, although men often have trouble dropping rolls and tubs of ugly, dangerous fat. And this without expensive weight-loss gimmicks, as Dr Charles shows his patients and clients. For example, Dr Charles helps his patients understand the powerful use and function of the liver; and the liver's role in growing cellulite or fat rolls. When the liver is clogged with junk it cannot be the fat-burning, weight-loss organ it is intended to be.

So instead of fighting a losing battle against the Flab Factor, Dr Charles helps fat loss folks gently detoxify their bodies, burn fat and still continue to lose weight, safely and tastefully without 'cardio' exercise. Dr Charles teaches how to ensure that the Fat Loss Factor CANNOT fail, but he still offers an ethical, honest money-back guarantee. To get good results, one should follow the program and do better than the hundreds of frankly factual Fat Loss Factor folks who have already found their functional fat-free foundation.

With a pre-created grocery list gifted for free; with 5 sample exercise routines if one wants effective, fun fat loss; a fat loss food diary to see exactly how he/she can get proven results and ONE FULL YEAR of personal email coaching, TeamWorx is happy and proud to bring this to people and their full-bodied, flabby friends while this special promotion lasts. (The program can be taken down at any moment, even if the fat can't.)

To LEARN how to get this fantastic, Fat Loss factor that's frankly fun, and frugally financed, or to learn more check the link and the product review here:

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