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Fatty Liver Diet and Info on Fatty Liver Disease at the Heart of New FattyLiverDietGuide.org Website


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- The recent launch of the new information website FattyLiverDietGuide.org is poised to help those suffering from fatty liver disease get the information they need to lead healthier lives. The new website provides information, articles and fatty liver diet information via the website’s guides on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and liver health.

For people diagnosed with fatty liver disease, there are many questions that can tend to exacerbate their fears. The first step to getting a handle on their emotions and the disease is finding out valid information on all aspects of the condition and the recognized treatment regimens that yield the best results. The FattyLiverDietGuide.org website was recently launched to provide that resource.

“I was diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease after feeling extreme fatigue, a loss of appetite and a dull pain below my ribs,” said Greg Danial, FattyLiverDietGuide.org website founder. “After getting my life back together with lifestyle changes as well as a diet and exercise regimen, I wanted to share what I have learned with others that suffer from this condition.”

While it is normal to have a small amount of fat in the liver, an excess of five to ten percent of fat in the entire weight of the organ may indicate liver disease. Some cases may lead to serious health problems from complications. An estimated 15 million people in the United States alone develop this health condition that begins with an enlarged liver.

Heredity may play a part in it by predisposing a person to alcoholism. In addition, other factors may cause an enlarged liver such as Hepatitis C, too much iron in the blood, being overweight and diet. However, non-alcoholic liver disease is by far the number one cause.

The new website provides a great deal of detail on the condition in all of its forms as well as the symptoms. Readers will also learn about the diagnostic tests used to identify the condition. The website has a number of articles on recognized treatments that range from dietary changes, weight loss regimens and homeopathic treatments to liver cleansing foods that have been proven to arrest or even reverse the condition. The website has a number of other resources on the condition that can be accessed by visitors that will help them deal with fatty liver disease and retake control of their health and their lives. For more information, please visit http://fattyliverdietguide.org

About FattyLIverDietGuide.org
FattyLiverDietGuide.org is a new website that helps people who have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease. The website offers articles on what to do next, such as proper diet and nutrition, pros and cons of a liver cleansing, and lifestyle changes to reverse their disease. The website is founded by Greg Danial, who was diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. He wanted to bring together information and natural diet remedies that helped him reverse his condition.