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Faust's Potions Offers Solutions to Prevent Jet Lag and Hangover

Faust's Potion contains herbs, antioxidants and vitamins that are formulated into a supplement that can prevent jet lag and hangover. It is available as fruit-flavoured beverage.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- The body of every human being gets adapted according to the daily routine of the person. However, people have to occasionally face situations where they need to drastically alter their routine. Occasional travel and special event such as wedding are good examples of it. Most people go through serious aftermath of such temporary change in the routine. Numerous suggestions and advice pertaining to the issue can be found online. However, there are few such products that can show measurable effect. Faust's Potion has filled that gap. It is a supplement that specially formulated for drowsiness, exhaustion and hangover cure. It is made of natural ingredients but is capable of showing instant effect.

The term potion refers to liquid that has magical healing effect. It has always been used in fairytales but Faustian Limited found an interesting use of the term for real products. Faust's Potion has been rightly named so as the liquid supplement shows quick effect on the consumer and helps him or her comedown from the ill effect of long ait-travel, overnight events and overtime duty. It is a unique blend of herbs, antioxidants and vitamins that have been tailor-blended to form a nutritional supplement that is especially beneficial in out-of-routine activity. There are several low-power health supplements available in the market and people need to take specific portion of those regularly. However, most such supplements are rendered useless in the aftermath of rare or occasional high-intensity activity.

Faust's Potion has fruity flavour and produced as recovery pack, which includes Asleep Potion and Awake Potion. However, either of the potions can be purchase separately too. The potions are especially beneficial in case of jet lag, which is a common phenomenon for those who travel long distance often. Unlike holiday travellers, businessmen, students and officials cannot afford to waste their time on rest and regaining natural balance. Therefore, they are recommended to stock Faust's Potion with them so that fatigue does not bother them when it should not. The Faust's Potion website is both an information and online shopping resource.

As the name suggests, Faust's Awake Potion is to be taken before night out or the day after but never before going to sleep. Contrarily, the Asleep Potion is to combat jet lag and change of time-cycle. Only a dose of 25 millilitres every 24 hours is enough as higher dose may be too much for the body. Interestingly, Faust's Potions are elegantly packed and can be perfect replacement for chocolates and flowers as gifts. It can be presented to invitees as birthday or wedding favours too.

About Faust's Potion
Faust's Potion is an energy supplement formulated and developed by Faustian Limited, which is based in London. The potion is available in 2 separate compositions to prevent drowsiness and jet lag respectively. It is made of natural ingredients that are approved as safe and their positive effect has been proven scientifically.

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