Fawheels Inc. Announces Its Alloy Wheel Exchange Offer Along with Rim Restoration Service


West Hampstead, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- A well-known name in the field of companies that offer various types of wheel repair services, Fawheels Inc. has freed many people from the tension of travelling around with damaged alloy wheels. In its 12 years of journey, the company has gained popularity for providing numerous services such as alloy wheel refurbishment; alloy wheel repair; manufacture & bespoke finishes; alloy rim polishing; split rims restoration; tyre fitting, balancing & supply and many more.

Along with its wide variety of services like rim restoration and wheel rim repair, the company is also providing its clients with the latest offer of alloy wheel exchange. However, there are three steps that every person should go through before opting for the offer. The steps are: checking if the company already has the set of wheels, contacting the company to book the vehicle and get the brand new set of alloy wheels in exchange with the old ones.

While answering to the questions from the media, a representative at Fawheels Inc. said, “The Exchange program allows you to "select" a set of exchange wheels from our shop showing the wheels available. The idea is that we fit and balance the wheels for you while you wait. We will only exchange "like for like" wheels and will not exchange any that are so damaged they are unsafe or cannot be refurbished. As a service this is very unique and allows you to have like new wheels fitted in exchange for your old ones in no time.”

This offer is provided with an aim to free people from the process of alloy wheel repair and save their time as well as money. The company also answers all the queries from the people with the help of expert staffs who remain online 24*7 for customer service.

About Fawheels
Fawheels was started in 2001 as a hobby for customizing and working with alloy wheels. Over the years this became a passion to achieve the best possible finish. Now we have the latest machinery, the latest paint systems and advanced techniques that match the manufacturer’s original finish. We are constantly researching new techniques and developing new solutions to give our customers the best quality service possible.