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Vancouver, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- Facebook makes it simpler to reach out and meet people but capitalizing on the potential of the most popular social network, connecting and winning over the woman you want, requires pushing the right buttons at the appropriate time.

Cases in point are the significant number of men who are unaware of how to approach a woman and the common mistakes they make on Facebook, albeit oblivious to these faux pas, as they deal with women.

The launch of FB inception brings a revolutionary dating guide that fuses together the latest technology and the concepts of subliminal mind control to effectively attract women, keep them interested, and establish thriving relationships. It encompasses well-researched knowledge that combines casual dating with Facebook, the platform that creates more dates for a man than any social media and any dating site today.

Facebook carries the most potential in locating and approaching the desired woman as it gives access to women from all walks of life and every nationality. Given limitless opportunities to meet women, it is essential to learn how to get a date on Facebook and most importantly how not to blow these chances.

FB inception, the unfair dating advantage, introduces a faultless system suitable to anyone who aims to catch the attention of women online. More than the basic how-to guide, divulges instructive tips as well as proven ideas to jump-start a man’s social life on Facebook and in his regular hangout.

This innovative Facebook dating survival guide packs in a 150-page e-Book and 10-day Video Action Guide that feature easy step-by-step techniques to take charge of one’s social life, improve skills, and attract women in everyday life using the help of the world’s biggest social platform.

The action guide effectively keeps one moving forward quickly by applying knowledge gained and mastering the skills before progressing to the next step. Every step in the FB inception system corresponds to one day and by end of day 10 every man has attains the skills needed to get the woman he has set his sights on.

FB inception lets a man benefit from Facebook as the first step to dating but it hardly ends there. After studying everything about one’s desired woman and learning how to get her, it takes a man all the way through the successive steps to know the ways on how to keep her.

Through subliminal mind control methods, described as planting the beginning of an idea into someone’s mind, one can get into the woman’s mind, develop her attraction towards him, and stay in her thoughts. Once a man learns how to use the system’s knowledge to his advantage, he can do all these using his attitude and personality as he moves forward.

“FB inception accumulates 20 years of studies, experiments, and attempts on my part to transform from the introvert that I was to a confident man,” disclosed Tristan Hart, the creator of FB inception system and described as a maverick psychologist specializing in modern dating problems.

“I found salvation in the Internet as I discovered ways to interact with women online and handle my shyness. With the emergence of social networks, I have grown into a dating pro given an environment where I felt really comfortable. The knowledge I acquired from necessity, due to my timidity, frustrations, and let-downs, became indispensable to men seeking beautiful women in their lives today,” related Hart.

As the most advanced dating guide in the market that harvests the social influence of Facebook and embraces technology allowing men to easily absorb the knowledge it imparts, FB inception radically changes the way a man manages his social life to become more appealing to women.

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