Fear Is Perfectly Normal, but Dental Phobia Doesn't Have to Persist


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2013 -- Fear and anxiety are normal parts of being alive, but dental phobia does not have to persist. No matter what has happened to a dental patient at previous dentist offices, San Diego holistic dentist Dr. Daniel Vinograd works to gain the trust of his patients by offering them painless procedures and compassion too.

Humans are born helpless and are easily scared at first when we cannot tell the difference between those we can trust and those we cannot. As we age, we gain perspective and experience that allows us to trust more people and situations. But some dentists violate that trust by hurting patients and not treating them with the respect they deserve. Dr. Vinograd takes extra care to make every procedure painless and to keep clients informed at every step of treatments so they have no reason to be afraid of him.

“Developing trust doesn’t mean your anxiety completely disappears, but you can learn to balance it with a level of comfort that makes it okay to let me perform the procedures you need done. After all, you’re the beneficiary of the dental work I do for you, and your health will only deteriorate if you don’t have urgent issues addressed.”

Today, dentistry is much different than it once was, and that means there are fewer painful procedures in use of which to be afraid. Needles are not always needed anymore, and anesthetics are not as painful as they once were. Powerful gels can mask any pain from an injection when one is necessary, and better needles are less painful too.

Lasers, micro-abrasion units and low-heat drill motors mean less invasive and less painful procedures. In some cases, fillings can even be performed without drills and without injections now. Cleanings can be handled mostly ultrasonically, so there is very little scraping.

“I understand that hurting a patient has both a physical and emotional effect -- and that it could cause then to delay or avoid getting the treatment they need. That doesn’t benefit anyone,” Dr. Vinograd said.

While fear may be perfectly natural, a “phobia” is defined as an irrational fear. With modern advances in the hands of a gentle dentist who cares about his patients, there is no longer anything to afraid of.

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