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Fear of Driving Car Can Be a Serious Problem and How to Overcome It

Fear of driving can be a serious problem and if you suffer from this condition, then you know how difficult it is to just get in your car and go.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- Various people fear various objects, persons, places or activity. Driving is one of the activities that are feared by considerable number of people. For some it reaches an extent that it can be called phobia. People who fear to drive experience accelerated pulse, thoughts of loss of control while driving, loss of sense of reality, etc. In most cases, people abstain from driving and gradually stop it completely. These symptoms are not to be ignored as fear of driving may gradually affect other aspects of a person’s personality. Besides various therapies, there is a website named como perder o medo de dirigir that deals with this issue.

Broadly, there are 3 main causes of driving phobia, the most common being the accidents. A person who has faced a tragic accident may develop this phobia. High sensitivity towards the possible dangers involved in driving can be termed as the 2nd reason for the development of driving phobia. It may seem hard to be believed as everyone exhibits certain level of caution and fear while driving but does not become a phobic. However, in case of some people, sensitivity towards caution and alert triggers panic which, indeed, is for a driver. The fear of being in crowded places is but the least common cause of driving phobia.

Treatments generally involve psychological therapies. However, their effectiveness is not rigidly established yet. Certain techniques to overcome the fear of driving are also available at website como perder o medo de dirigir. According to the website, this fear can be suppressed considerable by following 4 simple and effective tips.

- As a toddler initially learns to walk small steps but gradually, may become a runner too. Similarly, people who fear to drive should perpetuate their ability to drive by regular driving spells, though small. A few minutes’ drive around the locality or any building-complex will allow them to curb their fear and gradually get habituated to it.

- As some people say, music is the nutrition to soul, soothing music while driving calms down the mind of the driver and helps him stay focused to his/her mission of phobia-suppression. Music can considerably lower the level of stress which would be advantageous for the driver. Moreover, peaceful favourite music occupies mind and further lessens the scope of fear.

- ‘Two are better than one’. This phrase perfectly describes the next technique which is to drive while in the company of a friend or a loved one. An accompanying person occupies mind (to some extent) as well as give a sense of reliability.

- The most common and effective technique to de-stress temporarily is long and deep breathes. Whether the person drives alone or in company, whenever panic gentle, elongated and deep breaths are very effective to relax the mind and control heartbeats. In this way, tension would not rise.

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