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Needle Phobia, Summer Vacations Help Create 4th of July Blood Shortages; Hypnosisdownloads.com Aims to Eliminate Needle Fears to Boost Donations

Hypnosis Downloads.com aims to boost summer blood supplies in the U.S. by eliminating needle phobia--the #1 reason people give for not donating. Sales of the company’s needle phobia self-hypnosis MP3 will be donated to the American Red Cross through mid-September, when blood shortages are most acute.


Oban, Scotland -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2012 -- The Fourth of July is known for the Declaration of Independence, patriotic parades and fireworks. Unfortunately, it’s also know for blood shortages, according to the American Red Cross. This week the Red Cross announced that it had collected 50,000 fewer donations than expected during the month of June, leaving the American blood supply at “emergency levels.”

HypnosisDownloads.com aims to help increase the size of the blood donor pool in the U.S. by eliminating the #1 reason people don’t donate: fear of needles. Needle phobia affects up to 10% of the U.S. population, according to estimates in The Journal of Family Practice. And researchers believe that estimate could be low, because many people with needle phobia avoid medical care entirely.

To help encourage blood donations during the summer--when shortages are common--HypnosisDownloads.com is donating proceeds from sales of the self-hypnosis recording “Cure Fear of Needles” to the American Red Cross through September 14th, 2012.

“There could be 30 million people in America who are too afraid of needles to even consider donating blood,” says Roger Elliott, the Scottish hypnotherapist who recorded “Cure Fear of Needles,” a 26-minute hypnosis MP3 that can help relieve the fear of needles quickly and painlessly. “Cure Fear of Needles” is available for $12.95 from HypnosisDownloads.com, the world’s largest source of hypnosis recordings. Hypnotherapy has been clinically proven to eliminate phobias, and is often faster than other interventions.

The Red Cross, which collects about 40 percent of America’s blood supply, notes that donations drop around holidays and during summer vacations. But ironically, when more people are outside, doing dangerous things that might cause injuries--such as play with fireworks--the demand for donated blood increases. Blood shortages have already been seen in Georgia, the Upper Midwest and the Bay Area this June, according to media reports. According to the American Red Cross, nearly 17,000 pints of blood are needed every day in America to keep up with demand.

“Over seventy percent of our customers are in the U.S.,” Elliott notes, “and this fits into our company philosophy of charitable works. We’re in the business of improving our customers’ quality of life. In this instance, we hope that helping people get over their fear of needles can actually save lives. Obviously, we hope they choose to donate blood. But we also hope that some former needle phobia sufferers will be stop avoiding medical care once they get over their fears.”

“Hypnosis is effective for phobias,” notes Elliott, “because hypnosis allows you to easily access and change your unconscious mind, which is where phobias originate. A number of published studies have shown the ability of hypnotherapy to eliminate needle phobia in acupuncture patients, dental patients, and adults and children undergoing chemotherapy.”

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Hypnosis has been proven safe and effective in a number of clinical studies. One Belgian study, published in the journal Pain in 1997, revealed that hypnotized patients were much less anxious and more optimistic before and after a medical procedure than patients who had not been hypnotized. They also required much less anesthetic.

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