Shape and Slim

Feel Better and Look Fitter with Shape and Slim

Comfort and Toning Are Meshed Perfectly Using Special Formula of Active and Cosmetic Ingredients


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2016 -- As we step out into a new year, women across the country are hoping to look and feel better. From diets to exercise plans to new workout classes – the focus on a newer, skinnier, happier you is a constant topic of conversation as we turn the calendar into 2016. In addition to putting together a workout regime and a nutritional plan, there are other ways you can help your body look its best. Shape and Slim, based in New York City, is a perfect example of a company that understands this longing for an attractive figure – their shapewear is specifically designed to help women look and feel better. Plus, they recently unveiled a brand new color: nude, allowing women to look great in any outfit, any time of day.

Each garment produced by Shape and Slim has a unique delivery system that contains microencapsulation of natural active ingredients that are embedded in the fabric. These special natural ingredients can result in slimming, shaping, toning and firming because they are released on your skin. In fact, by wearing the garment a mere eight hours a day during the work week, 98% of women acknowledged a toning and firming of the skin, 88% reported smoother skin, and 85% noted a slimmer silhouette.

Three ingredients in particular are responsible for greater skin health:

- Rosehip Oil – improves the restructuring of deep skin tissue, stimulates collagen to restore skin's softness and elasticity.
- Butcher's Broom Root Extract – improves the vein and capillary circulation
- Green Coffee – targets fat cells

Each of these elements works in their own special ways to culminate in a truly transformative experience.

"We are excited to reveal this new nude color, to add it to our magnificent collection," explained owner and founder of Shape and Slim Philip Lahmani. He continues "Women should feel happy, feel good in their own skin, and our products are a direct response to that desire. We aim to meet that need, to fill that void, and to give women everywhere that extra push, that extra sense of belonging that enables them to do great things and feel good doing them."

About Shape and Slim®
Shape and Slim® develops unique and innovative shape wear solutions for women. Unlike most brands that simply hide flaws, Shape & Slim goes to work to help reduce of unsightly cellulite while improving your circulation. Shape & Slim features are exceptional because of a seamless fabric imported mainly from Italy that enables the products to be comfortable and stretchy. Each garment has a unique delivery system that contains microencapsules of natural active ingredients embedded in the fabric that result in slimming, shaping, toning and firming.