Feeling10 CEO Cautions Public Against Raspberry Ketones Scams


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2013 -- Consumers have always been warned to read the fine print before ordering anything online. Lately, thousands of consumers have been duped into signing up for “free” bottles of raspberry ketone weight loss supplements only to find a credit card nightmare waiting for them once their order clears. 

Raspberry ketones have been praised as one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market since they were recently featured on popular daytime television shows and magazines. According to many, raspberry ketones offer the most effective weight loss solution to come along in years. As a result, many online sites have jumped on the bandwagon to promote this booming supplement and cash in on the craze.

Some companies and websites often lead customers to believe they are paying only for shipping to receive a free bottle of raspberry ketones. But the ugly truth is often revealed in the months ahead.

Feeling10 Founder & CEO Jack Paisley states, "It pains me to read countless stories of people getting scammed when ordering raspberry ketones under the false pretense of only paying for shipping. Then, their credit card gets dinged for 4 months before they even catch on. That's not an acceptable way to do business. Period".

Paisley’s company, Feeling10, recently introduced an all-natural Raspberry Ketones Liquid supplement. But, unlike some other companies out there, he is putting all his cards on the table.

Paisley’s states, “To really put consumers at ease, we made the decision to use as the exclusive online reseller for our liquid raspberry ketones product. Amazon is one of Americas most trusted companies and brands and we are thrilled to be working with them."

Paisley further states, “Yes, we do offer free shipping. But, no free bottle. However, our prices are very reasonable for the high-quality product you get”.

To kick off the release of his new product on Amazon, Mr. Paisley's Raspberry Ketones Liquid diet supplement is available at a 50% discount, only for a limited time (until Saturday, February 23rd). Enter this promotional code when checking out and the discount will be applied immediately to your order: XUV4NMCV

For details, visit Amazon:

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Feeling10 is all about helping you to look, feel and be your absolute best through improved wellness, nutrition and supplementation. All products, include their flagship raspberry ketones weight loss supplement, are manufactured here in the USA and are designed to give you the results you want, the quality you demand, at a price that makes sense. Your satisfaction and happiness is guaranteed.

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