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Fehr GmbH Launch Solar Panels for the Home


Riederberg, Bosingen -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- Alternative energy is a growing industry, and technology that once belonged in the realm of science fiction has now gone from research pet project to household item. Home energy production has been made more accessible than ever with the advent of high efficiency solar panels that generate power from the sun’s rays and store it in batteries. Fehr GmbH, a company specializing in eco-friendly home sanitation, have recently brought the solar panels into their repertoire of green systems for housing developers.

The new “Solaranlage” product is created by Swiss company swissolar, and promise high efficiency energy yield from even flat light, allowing homes to reduce their power grid usage significantly and even put excess energy back into the grid in the near future for an energy rebate.

The system has formed part of the company’s aim to provide the utmost in sanitary solutions for new, modern homes. They have recently made a renewed commitment to exploring and developing all such options in order to create the most complete eco-friendly home systems available anywhere in the world.

The solar panels can be used to charge electrical devices such as laptops and mobile phones, or to power home utilities like lighting and water heating. The system can be calibrated for each individual home and the surface area maximized to make the best of whatever space is available.

A spokesperson for the company, part of the Haustechnik group, explained, “Sanitation is cleanliness, and we believe clean energy forms a part of that. Many of sanitation solutions require energy and if that energy can be provided cleanly and cheaply, it’s a win for us, our clients and the environment. We recommend that housing developers get in touch with us to talk through how these integrated systems can make a huge different to the environment over the lifespan of a house, without making properties prohibitively expensive for buyers. Our professional links throughout these industries allow us to create unparalleled sanitation for new and renovated buildings.”

About Fehr GmbH
The Fehr GmbH is a new sanitary building services company based in Bösingen. Founded in March 2006 by Mr. Rolf Fehr. The Fehr GmbH team strives for the highest sanitary standards in collaboration with architects, builders, engineers and selected suppliers every day. They take care of everything from planning through to successful completion, as well as maintenance and upkeep of your sanitary installations. For more information, please visit: http://www.fehrsanitaer.ch/