Second Look Flood Helps Homeowners Answer the Question: "Am I in a Flood Zone?"


St Cloud, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2012 -- is now offering flood determinations to the general public. See your home on the newest FEMA flood map and learn your flood risk.

The company is widely respected for its highly accurate and detailed flood risk reports, which are obtained using manual research done by experienced mapping analysts. Second Look offers their clients an aerial overlay of the house in question along with the latest FEMA flood map. A Second Look analyst shares, “Our goal is to provide homeowners with peace of mind, and we do this by going far beyond the standard X or A flood determination- we give them proof that the bank can’t.”

The company aims to help homeowners determine just how much at risk they are of flooding and how much they need flood insurance by showing them exactly where they are on the FEMA flood maps. The service has proven helpful for those who are forced to pay mandatory flood insurance by their lenders with little evidence of why.

According to customers, Second Look flood’s ability to give them a visual proof that their properties are in a FEMA flood zone has given them more assurance and peace of mind. On the other hand, homeowners who are outside the flood zone are provided with easy-to-read evidence. “We also give them instructions on how to dispute the require insurance with their banks,” a Second Look analyst adds. is a flood map and flood risk company. Their main offerings include: flood risk reports, flood zone determination, flood risk assessment, and FEMA flood maps. It is because second look flood manually researches every determination, they can promise a more accurate flood determination than existing computerized programs most flood venders, banks, and appraisers use.

The fully independent company is currently targeting homeowners and anyone shopping for or about to buy a new home. According to Second Look Flood reps, the company’s independent nature provides consumers one unique benefit: “We do not work for the banks or insurance companies. We work for you.” Visit them at