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Female Day Traders Are on the Rise, Says HowWeTrade.com


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2013 -- How We Trade, one of the Internet’s top resources for information about day trading, recently announced the release of a new article, “Women Day Traders are on the Rise,” on its website. According to the article, located at http://www.howwetrade.com/women-day-traders-are-on-the-rise/, more women are exploring day trading as a hobby and profession.

The article, penned by professional day trader Daniel Major, was written using How We Trade’s usage data. How We Trade’s statistics shows that women now make up 34 percent of new trader inquiries. The website’s article points out that this bears a striking dissimilarity to historical data: a 2012 Reuters study showed that women represented five percent of professional day trader, while a landmark study conducted by the University of Cambridge claimed that women were not biologically designed to be day traders.

“It is at least a big step in the right direction, especially for a profession that has long propagated predictions of impending failure for any woman who has thoughts of joining the exclusive ranks of male traders,” stated the article. “What we are seeing is an influx of women from varying ages and backgrounds, and we view it as a definite positive for the industry.”

“Women Day Traders are on the Rise” also claims that women are doing well in the day trading industry. The article uses the example of Rachael Fox, the 17-year-old Webmaster of foxonstocks.com, who returned 30.4 percent on her own trading last year.

Major credits the attitude of most women for their success: females are more likely to study situations before making a decision, while men can be overconfident. Women are also likely to avoid risky behaviors, such as acting outside of their skill set. Female day traders are now gaining more self-assurance too.

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