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Female Divine, Hurt No More: Compelling Book Offers Readers 'New Level' of More Harmonious & Complimentary Relationships

Written for both men and women by Blanca Beyar, ‘Female Divine, Hurt no More’ exposes little-known emotional patterns that weaken and ultimately destroy relationships. Offering readers a fresh and proven new approach to finding life’s divine partner, readers from all walks life are able to heal previous ills and embark on a new life of spiritual unity.


Staten Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2014 -- While millions of men and women believe that their relationships boast unbreakable bonds, today’s harrowing divorce statistics often prove otherwise. Even though the missing link may appear too hard to find, spiritual and holistic teacher Blanca Beyar believes she has the answer.

“It comes down to a series of emotional patterns that slowly weaken and destroy relationships,” says Beyar, whose new book helps readers heal their relationship problems and seek out a new life of divine and spiritual unity. “The problem is that most people don’t know that these patterns exist and practicing them can be fatal to any relationship.”

‘Female Divine, Hurt no More: A Guide for Women and Men’ will appeal to anyone looking for love as well as those who are passionate about spending the rest of their life in a healthy relationship with ‘the one’.


Female Divine, Hurt No More speaks to all the women who have suffered from a broken heart and unsuccessful relationships. It invites you to recognize the many patterns of behavior and of sacrifice that women have been practicing in relationships that have enabled men to remain uncommitted and disengaged from the female divine.

A new paradigm has emerged that is positioning women and men to experience the blissfulness of divine, complimentary relationships in an empowering new way. In this book, you will learn how to implement a series of healing exercises that will prepare you to receive your divine partner and to enjoy in the participation of a mutual, new journey of love, spirituality, and divine unity.

Female Divine, Hurt No More is a spiritual guide for relationships that is written for both men and women.

“Ultimately, it’s all about being happy. My approach is fresh, proven to work and is based on preventing problems before they prevail. However, should a relationship already be on the rocks, the information in my book could be the saviour that a particular couple is looking for,” Beyar adds.

Continuing, “It’s written for both genders but will primarily be of value to women aged 22 to 65.

This is a wide target market – but statistics show that infected relationships know no age boundaries and millions of people out there need my help!”

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Female Divine, Hurt no More: A Guide for Women and Men’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1mwU3Y3.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://blancabeyar.info

About Blanca Beyar
Blanca Beyar wears an array of hats in the holistic and spiritual arena that assist in her mission to deliver inspiration and empowerment to others. She is the author of eight self-help books, an Empath, light-worker, medium, and guru. She maintained a private holistic practice for over fifteen years.

Blanca accredits her life experiences as the stepping stones that led her to prevail from a struggling and hopeless life to her soul's mission and calling. If she had to do all over again, she would not change one experience, because in each piece of her life's puzzle, she discovered a piece of herself. She uses her own life experiences to help inspire others to discover their own strength and empowerment.

As a teacher, Blanca has attuned over two hundred students all around the world to the healing art of Reiki. Her books have been instrumental tools for countless of readers on the healing path and her workshops and events offer the opportunity to experience Blanca's loving and healing energy up-close and personal.