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Female Squatchin' –The Ultimate All Female Bigfoot Team Will Be Featured at the Bigfoot Bonanza in San Francisco, March 10-12th

The New Female Squatchin’ Team is determined to find you! This All Female Sasquatch research team is taking the Bigfoot community by storm with their, “Women just do it Better” statement. The sound philosophy behind the need for an all woman team will be explained from the stage at the Bigfoot Bonanza in San Francisco this coming March 10-12th, 2017 at the Historic Balboa Theatre.


Galt, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2017 -- Montra Freitas, the lead investigator of Female Squatchin' has a literal lifetime of 'Bigfoot Researching' behind her. She is a well respected leader in the Bigfoot Community and formerly served as a curator for the BFRO. Montra and her husband, John Freitas, (also a widely respected Bigfoot Researcher having recorded one the most credible recordings of what is believed to be Sasquatch) have studied the existence of the huge, hairy, bi-pedal creature together for 18 years and come to the conclusion that there is something to the thought, that woman may have an advantage to attract the beast. Montra's long awaited plans on assembling the "All Female Bigfoot Team" to go after the elusive Bigfoot has been assembled over the last 12 months.

Why Female Squatchers? There have been many documented cases of Bigfoot sightings and activity supporting the thought, that Bigfoot respond more to a female presence. "On this premise, that a woman's appearance, mannerism, scent, stature and soft non-threatening voices will set this team apart for achieving the best potential outcome in their Squatchin Expeditions!", says Montra Freitas -Lead Investigator. "I have no doubt that we will acquire substantial evidence of Bigfoot in these expeditions!"

Already being dubbed "The Beauties and the Beast" this team of Brave, Bold, Brilliant & Beautiful Bigfoot Hunting Women have come together specifically because they are six professional women who bring their training & personal knowledge from their individual crafts to make up this elite "All Female Bigfoot Team!"

"If it is alive and out there, it can be tracked and found", says Rebecca Wolfe, The Team Hunter/Tracker. "I became a part of this team for one purpose and one purpose only… I want to be on the team that acquire the undeniable evidence that shows the world that there is a bi-pedal creature in North America, that we refer to as Sasquatch or Bigfoot!"

The Event: Bigfoot Bonanza! Hosted in San Francisco the BigFoot Bonanza will be three days of classic Bigfoot and Yeti movies with documentaries on both screens in the haunted and historic Balboa Theatre! Guest Speakers Cliff Barackman, from Finding Bigfoot, Kathy Strain, John & Montra Freitas, Lex, Samantha and Sara of Female Squatchin', The Ultimate Female Bigfoot Team, Plus Film-makers Seth Breedlove of Small Town Monsters from Ohio and Craig Flipy from Portland, showing their films and doing a Q & A!

About Female Sasquatchin'
A Team of professional women who bring their respective training & personal knowledge of their individual craft to make up this elite "All Female" Bigfoot Team! Female Squatchin' was assembled with the idea that investigators with a healthy balance of belief and skepticism is necessary to have a truly impartial view of what we are experiencing. Each woman on this team has their own expertise, skill-set and experiences to aide in the decisions made in the field and in the investigation. The Team will focus on investigating the validity of the stories, experiences and evidence collected from an impartial view of what it could be vs having a skewed view that it always points to Bigfoot. The truth of the Sasquatch is what the Team seeks!

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