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Feral Hogs: The Farmer's Perspective of Hog Hunting in Texas


Bonham, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2017 -- Farmers across Texas have many similarities. They till the ground, removing obstacles, make rows, plant seeds, water, weed, fertilize and carefully tend crops until harvest. Farmers battle various pests that not only damage crops but also destroy the land. Many hours of toil and diligence can be destroyed overnight.

Besides these pests there is one not indigenous to the area, doing more damage than all combined. Wild pigs have become so widespread, that farmers in the state of Texas are desperate to keep them at bay. These feral hogs have done extreme damage to the natural ecology and that some experts wonder if the damage can be reversed. Wild hogs can destroy 40+ acres of corn per night depending on the size of the "sounder" or group of feral pigs.

In Fannin County, farmers battle this invasive species yearly and it's largely been a losing battle.

Farmers have been very happy to have help, and offset of costs they would pay for eradication from Skyhunter Outfitters who allow private shooters the opportunity for helicopter hog hunting in Texas. Hunters can act as a "subagent gunner" and shoot the hogs from the air.

A Skyhunter representative stated, "Over the last 2 years locals have seen up to a 25-50% reduction in crop damage, and one farmer claims they didn't lose any of their 2016 corn crop as a result of helicopter hog hunt flights."

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