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Fertility and Reproduction is a blog offering the latest facts about infertility and ways to conceive a baby in a variety of circumstances that affect many men and women.


Chalfont, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- Many men and women experience the stress of trying to conceive a baby with no success. Fertility and Reproduction is a blog that discusses the health issues, emotions and strategies used to help people start the family they always wanted.

Often couples do not know what to expect when they schedule a consultation with a fertility specialist. Most couples are advised to meet with a fertility doctor after six months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive a baby. Sometimes they try for a year or more because they dread the initial meeting with a fertility doctor. Fertility and Reproduction discusses what to expect and health issues to include on a list during the first consultation.

The terminology related to fertility problems and solutions can also become confusing. Sometimes men and women feel overwhelmed by the different terms and feel like they are getting in over their heads. Fertility and Reproduction provides a basic glossary of the terminology frequently associated with fertility issues.

After trying for months or years to get pregnant, it can put a strain on a couple's relationship. They might start to blame each other for the problem. Intimacy might became a ritualistic chore rather than a pleasurable experience. Sometimes the couple forgets the original reasons they got together in the first place. Fertility and Reproduction offers tips to couples on how to rekindle their relationships and get through the process of trying to conceive a baby.

Some couples are advised to undergo in vitro fertilization. The process is about much more than getting a test tube baby. Couples should have personalized care and be knowledgeable about the entire process. Fertility and Reproduction discusses the importance of customized care and what happens during in vitro fertilization.

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Fertility and Reproduction is a blog dedicated to helping couples make educated decisions about facing fertility problems. From a detailed glossary of important terms to advice about staying happy as a couple, a variety of sensitive issues are skillfully covered.

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