FESPM.org Shares Valuable Information on Higher Education of Mathematics and Latin Language


Madrid, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- FESPM.org, a website that initially started as a provider of news and happenings of the Spanish Federation of Teachers in Mathematics (FESPM), has now further broadened its focus area by sharing comprehensive valuable information on higher education of Mathematics and Latin language.

FESPM.org is an online platform which promotes education and effective teaching by discussing the innovative programs and teaching strategies designed by the highly experienced teachers and professors in the FESPM.

Even though the website is currently more concentrated in sharing details of premier institutions and schools in Spain, its recent expansion suggests that it will try to inform its followers of education opportunities and teaching upgrades in neighboring countries as well.

Apart from promoting higher education and teaching of Mathematics, the site is also one of the leading Latin culture portal due to its promotion of the significance of the Latin language. Even though today the demand of the language has become for historical and cultural relevance only, FESPM.org along with other Latin culture promoters believe that the language has great use even today especially to create an exceptional communication in English.

The Latin culture learning also enables people to further improve their intellectual level and understanding of modern concepts as many literary works in the past were written in Latin.

FESPM.org has received support from numerous other organizations including the Desir-Egypte.org, a site which is focused on creating awareness of the Egyptian culture.

Desir-Egypte.org is a broader website, in the sense that it covers all aspects of Egyptian culture including history, technology, education, food, lifestyle and much more. Together with FESPM.org, the website, http://www.desir-egypte.org/, is also aiming to revive and retain ancient history and it’s still applicable concepts.

About FESPM.org
FESPM.org is a website that provides latest news and happenings of the popular Spanish organization – the Spanish Federation of Teachers in Mathematics (FESPM). FESPM was founded in 1988 and since has been focused on improving the teaching of mathematics at all levels of education. The site FESPM.org shares and discusses the innovative programs launched by the organization to further create awareness on effective teaching.

For more information about the Spanish Federation of Teachers in Mathematics (FESPM), or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of fespm.org, please email to info@fespm.org.