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Fiber Patch Panels Available on Radiant Communications Corporation's Website


South Plainfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2016 -- Anyone searching for fiber patch panels is encouraged to explore the wide selection of high-quality, safe products found on Radiant Communication Corporation's website. To make sure communication systems are protected against external damages, all fiber patch panels are housed in heavy-duty, lockable metal cabinets with multi-step paint processing. Depending on the needs of one's network, the products are available in both wall mount and rack mount formats. Since Radiant Communications Corporation recognizes that every network is different, their products can accommodate different installment sizes that range from 12 to 96 cables.

The company's fiber patch panels are stackable, come with an accessory kit for cable management, and will suit all popular connector styles. There are also optional features including a fiber splice tray, splicing pigtails and additional fiber optic jumpers. Front and rear openings have been implemented, as well, for easy cable access, and they are available in sizes suited for either 19" or 23" mounting brackets. Similar to how someone can purchase additional patch panel features with their wall mount patch panels, people can also select optional splice trays and splicing pigtails for their rack mount patch panels. This allows for greater flexibility.

Radiant Communications Corporation suggests using rack card cages and splice trays in combination with their wall and rack mount patch panels. Rack card cages are designed to support up to eight two-slot modules and are internally powered, with an optimal redundant power supply available. Splice trays come in two sizes, which hold up to either six or twelve splices.

People can learn more about fiber patch panels and how to improve their fiber optic transmission through Radiant Communications Corporation by visiting their website or calling 1-888-412-0124 today.

About Radiant Communications Corporation
Radiant Communications Corporation designs and manufactures products that transport data, audio, and video signals through Ethernet cables, fiber optics, and the Internet. Their systems are used throughout the world by a variety of television networks and telecommunication firms, as well as government and private institutes. Founded in 1985, they have created technology that has been used at the New York Stock Exchange, the 1998 Winter Olympics, and a variety of airports. Their staff works closely with the client in designing a product and provide technical support throughout its lifespan.

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