Syoptek International Limited Supplies Comprehensive Fiber Optic Cleaning Products is a world class supplier of a wide range of high quality fiber optic cleaning products. It was started in 2013 and caters to the need of all kinds of customers.


Xiamen, Taiwan -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- Fiber optics are thin strands of long pure glass threads for transmitting data with diameters like a human hair. These are essentially bundled together known as optical cables. They are useful in transmitting light signals to long distances. To sum up, it is a medium and technology related to transmission of information in form of light impulses. It can carry more information compared to traditional copper wire and proper maintenance is very important. On a similar note, is dedicated to offering variety of tools and accessories for fiber optic cleaning purposes. Thus, the customers will be able to preserve the life of their fiber optics. Apart from regular wear and tear, fiber optics is vulnerable to environmental influences. Transmission properties can be harmed due to mechanical stress and contamination. Consequently, special attention should be given to maintain proper cleanliness.

The professional online supplier has fiber optic cleaning kit in standard sizes along with configurations to satisfy every cleaning requirement. These kits are designed to facilitate easy organization, portability, protection and compatibility. Field portable cleaning and inspection kit, basic cleaning kit, single/multi mode test kit and single mode test kit are available in this range. Most of these items come at reasonable prices and include free shipping. They can be shipped within 24 hours from placing orders. Apart from cleaning they can be used for testing purposes. These are designed to be lightweight, simple to use and provide maximum efficiency. Strong nylon made carrying case is also provided to facilitate field use. It is suitable to carry and store cleaning supplies. also stocks affordable fiber optic cleaner tools and accessories. Optical connector cleaner, smart cleaner MPO, fiber cleaner, replacement reels and cleaning card are some of the products in this range. Maintenance of cleanliness is importance from all perspectives. It ensures proper functioning and highest level of performance to a great extent.

Signal loss could be the direct result of dust and dirt presence. The cleaning products offered by the company are made to counter all sorts of cleaning and maintenance issues. Discounted price is placed on many products which enable customers to save both time and money. ships its products to many locations in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Payment methods include Wire transfer and Western Union. The company has partnered international shipping firms such as DHL and EMS. It focuses on delivering the cleaning supplies products as early as possible.

About Fiber Optic Cleanings is a website that deals with supplying tools and accessories for fiber optic cleaning and maintenance. The products of the company are shipped to over 230 countries throughout the world. Customers are free to choose the shipping method they want during the order process. Visit the website for more information on the products offered.

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