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Fiberpartner Launches Short Cut Bicomponent Fiber for Airlaid Processes

[Vejle, Denmark] FIBERPARTNER, a Denmark-based, global supplier of raw materials for the textile industry, launched its newly developed range of bicomponent fibres for airlaid applications – Airbonder today.


Vejle, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2015 -- FIBERPARTNER, one of the leading suppliers of staple fibres for nonwovens, after several years of extensive tests and developments, commercialized its new range of bico fibres for airlaid.

According to FIBERPARTNER CEO Thomas Wittrup, "The results we have seen with our fibres so far have been very pleasing. The technology we have used in the fibre production process will enable FIBERPARTNER to deliver reliably to our global clients."

The Airlaid technology utilizes dry forming technology followed by a bonding process, such as thermal bonding, to form nonwovens. After compaction and heat activation, the sheath material of the fibre melts and enables the bicomponent fibres to bond to the other fibres.

"We are confident that these short cut bicomponent fibres will enable us to enter the airlaid market, which has been dominated by only a few bicomponent fibre suppliers to date," says Wittrup.

Owing to the fact that Airlaid technology has its roots in Denmark, FIBERPARTNER consulted with leading airlaid experts while developing its range of bico fibres. This ensured that the fibres performed effectively in production, and established good strength and bulk in the nonwoven material.

FIBERPARTNER'S range of Airbonder fibres includes polyester and polypropylene types of bico fibers, engineered to meet the current demand of the airlaid industry, especially when bonding to fluff pulp. The raw materials used in the fibres have been modified to achieve top performance.

FIBERPARTNER is a family-run company that has operated in textiles for more than 150 years. FIBERPARTNER'S Head Office is based in Denmark, and the company has sales offices in Poland, South Africa, Mexico and, most recently Spain, where it is a supplier of staple fibres and industrial yarns to clients worldwide.