FIBT/IBSF World Championships 2013 Official Soundtrack's Video Clip Released


Pontresina, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- The highly anticipated video clip of the bobsled and skeleton World Championships official soundtrack has been released and can be watched online on youtube.

The video is based on an original interpretation of virtual reality. It presents an interesting point of view on the emotions recurring during a run down a narrow iced track by interpolating studio images of the singer and original footage of the Olympia Bob Run. The result is a breathtaking mix between sport and technology, well supported by the modern and catchy melodies of the song "Adrenaline".

The soundtrack "Back to Nature feat. Ellis - Adrenaline", published by RTE and produced by ibexmedia, has been written by the Swiss electronic music producer Jerome Keller and interpreted by the Italian singer Elisa "Ellis" Venturin.

Jerome Keller has been able to create a melodic track containing strong electro influences, thus delivering an eclectic and young result which is appropriate to the sport it represents. Lyrics and music are converging to express the concept of "Adrenaline" in an unusual but very effective way.

Ellis, selected during the international contest "Back to Nature Game", brought an artistically mature interpretation to the song. Her clear and shiny voice is perfectly adapted to the somewhat strange frequencies of this electronic track and her technical skills are noteworthy.

The track has already been broadcast from various televisions worldwide during the World Championships. When John F. Morgan (JFM Sports Inc. Lake Placid) heard the track, he decided to include it in his future coverages of the bobsled and skeleton World Cup too, bringing the song beyond its scope of being the soundtrack of the World Championships.

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