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Field Service Companies Will Be First in Line to Test Wearable Computing Tech Announces Andrew Green


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- Field service companies rely on new technology to be competitive. Every year, working in the field becomes a little easier for field companies due to advances in cloud computing software, fleet management services, and other technological innovations. However, one upcoming technological innovation could surpass all innovations that have come before it.

That technological innovation is wearable computing. A recent Business2Community report highlighted the revolutionary effect that wearable computing could have on field service industry professionals. Specifically, the advance of wearable computing will allow field service workers to be more connected than ever before with technology located directly at their fingertips.

That technology includes recently revealed products like Google Glass as well as computers that are attached to the wrist, fingers, or hands. The goal of wearable computing is to allow the user to easily carry the latest technology on the body at all times, removing the need to move back and forth from a separate computer. So, instead of looking away from an air conditioning unit that needs to be repaired, the employee could simply read instructions via a HUD or a set of eyeglasses.

Industry analyst Andrew Green discusses the announcement:

“Wearable computing will have a profound effect on the field service industry in a similar way to which tablet computers affected the industry. Wearable computing will allow the field service worker to easily carry the latest technology around at all times without interrupting work. Instead of running back and forth from a vehicle to grab various a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, the worker will be able to view important data using heads-up-displays attached directly to the face while accessing the interface via the fingertips. This will undoubtedly save time while making field service operations more efficient.”

Industry blogs like TheSmartVan and others have taken note of the advance of wearable computing technology and eagerly anticipate its arrival in the industry. In the future, those who are interested in adopting field service best practices will want to pay close attention to wearable computing.

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