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FieldAp, an Exclusive Cloud Based Software for Overseas Project Planning

A Digital Platform that Enables Rapid Visual Workflows for Offshore Engineering Works


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2017 -- XVISION SOFTWARE is pleased to present FieldAP, a cloud based digital platform that works as an offshore engineering software for 3D Field Layout Planning. The platform enables rapid visual workflows for offshore engineering works. It also integrates with backend systems as well as software that are already being used in offshore engineering. Field Design, Field Planning, Activity Scheduling, etc. are a few elements of this planner. The engineers can view their offshore fields in 3D effect and make changes accordingly.

"Field Activity Planner is incredibly easy to use, and it helps us to become more productive and create better and more cost effective solutions for our clients", says Rolf Nordaunet, Chief Engineer from GE Oil and Gas. The software plays a major role in the development of visual fields, digital planning and overall cost management. The tool helps the experts digitize their planning process and optimize their decisions. The benefits of using this software are that of encouraging a digital working environment in the organization; instant global collaboration; reduced cost in logistics; finding the best solution via 3D display; and shortening the overall project lead time.

To know more about FieldAP visit https://www.fieldap.com/.

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Fieldap, https://www.fieldap.com/ is a Field Activity Planner, a cloud based digital software tool that best works in all types of project planning scenarios

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