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FieldEZ Offering Superior Yet Cost Effective Work Order Management Software

FieldEZ, a leading business management software solutions company based in Bangalore, India and California, USA, is offering simple, easy to use yet efficient IT service management industry software.


Bangalore, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2016 -- FieldEZ, a leading business management software solutions provider, has garnered acceptance among field service providers in USA and beyond. Field service providers from a wide spectrum of industries including construction, consumer electronics, delivery & logistics, Pharma, telecommunications, banking and finance, landscaping and plumbing are vouching for the business management software solutions provider's ability to deliver efficient, customized yet reasonably priced solutions.

With the intent to offer insight into the work order management software on offer, one of the executives at FieldEZ recently stated, "Reiterating our commitment to deliver complete solutions for field service providers, we pride in offering work order management software. Creating custom workflows with our premium offering is a breeze. Our robust configuration engine ensures that the field service provider's staff can continue working in the same way as before automation. The nomenclature, algorithms and processes remain the same, which allows the client to make significant savings through lower training costs and implementation time."

FieldEZ's work order management software allows field service providers to create alerts and reminders with minimal efforts. The user can set auto alerts and reminders for important work flow milestones. The idea here is to notify users on any emergencies well in time and enable them to take prompt action. The diversity of best practice templates that come with the coveted software allows for a better experience. The user can feel free to choose from the predefined industry templates created for a spectrum of industries. Currently, the templates have over 35,000 users worldwide, which speaks volumes about the popularity of software.

Shedding more light on the work order management software on offer, the executive further stated, "Tracking work order status is essential for field service providers if they are serious about remaining productive. At FieldEZ, we understand it better than the most and hence, incorporated a tracking work order status in work order management software. Our dashboard reveals instant status updates of all field staff to enable the client analyze the efficiency and progress of the work order. For added convenience, our sought after software allows the client to drill down to the individual tickets directly from the dashboard."

FieldEZ is offering scheduling software for businesses across industries that allows them to assign new jobs conveniently and promptly. The software allows users to view major ticket details with just a single click and schedule the right field staff accordingly. With FieldEZ's scheduling software, the client has the freedom to group his field crew based on location using FieldEZ scheduler's color options. Moreover, business scheduling software program is customizable and hence allows the user to group various activities in the field based on skills, experience or any such yardstick. Apart from this, one can find service tracking software at FieldEZ.

About FieldEZ
Based in Bangalore, India and California, USA, FieldEZ is a globally recognized business management software solutions provider. It is offering a selection of on demand solutions for a variety of industries that enable them to manage their resources and enhance efficacy. Of late, it has emerged as the one stop resource for those looking for work order tracking software.