Fiesta Frog Inc. Celebrates Expansion, Releases Platform Redesign


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- Fiesta Frog, Inc. and its platform of the same name, have been gaining significant attention from young adult consumers due to its utility in locating night life parties, concert venues, club events, and bar specials. The company has expanded to seven major U.S. cities across the country in a matter of months (including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston).

Increases in the platforms user base are behind Fiesta Frog’s announcement today that it will release a re-skinned website and mobile website for the social media platform. The re-skinned versions come just in time for party -goers to enjoy on New Year’s Eve, and signals that the company is taking the opportunity to capitalize on recent momentum in the marketplace.

Owners Kyle McShane and Gerald Decelian are clearly relishing the success of a social media platform geared specifically towards facilitating face-to-face, social, interactions, and towards having fun. “If we didn’t build Fiesta Frog, I hope that somebody would have – We all work so hard these days, so anything that makes it easier to have a good time is something I would be using!” said Decelian

Highlights of Fiesta Frog’s platform include:

- A user friendly way to find about house parties, concert and club events, and bars with drink specials ranked by their proximity to your geographic location and based on your own personal preferences.

- Events that are updated in real-time, allowing for up to the second information access and facilitating conversation with those at an event before one ever steps foot on the premises. Both of these features dovetail perfectly with fast-paced metropolitan nightlife, in which mobile will play an ever greater role.

- Allowing users to invite friends to parties in a simpler, more user-friendly way then market competitors: the platform uses a follow/follow back structure that allows you to invite 1) all of your followers or those you are following to an event with having to click through these persons individually, 2) any “group” of persons you have created, or 3) everyone in your zip code! The platform is set up to facilitate the viral spread of this information, and thus far, has proven effective in doing so.

- For businesses, the platform leverages c2c contact in a unique way by harnessing visibility and advertising generated from such contact. Maximizing visibility in this way, as well as functioning as a real-time daily deal site offering promotions, discounts is resulting in more relatable ROI for business establishments that have signed on.

Gerald Decelian Jr
Chief Executive Officer
Fiesta Frog Inc