FIFA 14 Introduced a New Global Transfer Network Details


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2013 -- Today, EA announced the FIFA 14 career mode new details, and also released a trailer on the game's global transfer network.

Global transfer network will allow players to send scouts for the team in the world looking for good seedling.

Global Transfer Network Trailer

EA said: Clubs of different sizes, the numbers are different, smaller clubs may be a scout, and a large club can have many scouts. These scouts around the world looking for good seedling for the team, according to their ability and impact on the team to 1-5 star rating.

Evaluation of a player good or not, there are six standards, survey the level of professionalism and scouts absolutely the final results of the assessment. FUT 14 coins Generally speaking, scouts will be sent back to the team after a few days investigative reporting, scouts can go anywhere in the whole season, they continue looking for players.

EA said that each player's personal rating will no longer be displayed in the global transfer network, which makes scouts depth investigation is more important.

In addition, EA also announced the details of the transfer: Career Mode column will move about the recent transfer of all the news and rumors. In FIFA 14, the players and teams can enter an appointment contract. In addition, FIFA 14 coins if a player is over 23 years old contract expired less than six months, then they are free to find a new club.

In addition, the new transfer system has a 'reject all future quotes' option, so avoid contact with other clubs trying to sell you do not put the players.

FIFA 14 will be landing in North America on September 24, September 27 landing in Europe, the platform for PC, PS3 and fifa 14 ultimate team coins Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One version will be listed simultaneously with the host. Microsoft's Xbox One version of the first day will be free to send a set of FIFA 14.


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