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Fifty States of Grace: U.S. Author Crowdsources a Short Novel for Each State.

In a unique literary project, Iowa’s Jason Wellnitz has written the introduction to a series of fifty short novels, each set in a different U.S. State. With the help of a Kickstarter campaign, Wellnitz has turned his pen over to the American people as they vote for which state’s story should be completed and published first.


Cedar Rapids, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2013 -- In one of the more unique literary projects in recent years, author Jason Wellnitz has composed the introduction to a series of fifty short novels and is now enlisting the advice of his fellow citizens. Through a catchy Kickstarter campaign, Wellnitz is collecting funding and votes to decide which State has their novel completed first.

The introduction to the series, titled ‘Fifty States of Grace’, is already available as an eBook on Kindle and Nook.


Austin Trenton is walking towards a warm, bright light. Is his life over? No, it’s just beginning. Again.

Today he walks out of prison. He’s been in for the last eighteen months. Before, he was the pastor of a large and growing church. Then an old man approached him after a service for a favor. Austin agreed to help, a decision that changed everything.

Austin's been framed and has no idea why. He's lost everything while in prison. Sitting in his cell, as he's about to lose hope, he finds a letter from his Grandfather hidden in an old book. As he reads, hope returns. His Grandfather set up a special project for him; a project that will take Austin to each of the fifty states.

Today his life begins again.

As the author explains, the crowdsourcing format is opening up exciting new opportunities for projects such as his.

“A few years ago this project wasn’t possible. Now I’m able to collect donations towards the book from a single online portal and count each ‘backer’ as a vote towards their home state. It’s going to be a lot of fun,” says Wellnitz.

Continuing, “There’s a series of rewards available, from signed copies of the book to the chance to get a box of collectables from the winning state. Backers are also invited to give me insight and tips about their home state; information I can incorporate into the story to make it more vivid. People can submit plot ideas and see their ideas come to life in a novel set in their state.”

Early reviews for the series have been overwhelmingly positive.

“Read it all in one sitting. I predict some intriguing twists in this series. Looking forward to seeing where Austin goes first,” says Bill, who reviewed the introductory book on Amazon.

L.R. Walsh was equally as impressed, adding, “I can't wait for this project to take off, what a great idea! I'm hoping Iowa wins for the first stop! And how exciting it will be to follow the main character across the US, finding and discovering real treasures in the people and places he meets. I'll be submitting an idea or two for sure!”

With the campaign now underway, interested parties can back the project here: http://kck.st/16NWusN

’50 States of Grace’ is available from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DVZGKAU/

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://jasonwellnitz.com/media-kit/

About Jason Wellnitz
Jason Wellnitz is from Iowa. He was born in Waterloo and lives in Cedar Rapids with his wife and three children. He’s spent time in Chicago, Seattle, Oklahoma, Brazil, and Mozambique. In his spare time he builds computers that fly airplanes.