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Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- The increased demand for paper and related products directly and indirectly results in deforestation. While facing the adverse effects of global warming, people have now become more environmental conscious and therefore the market for nature friendly products have also expanded. TrueGreen produces useful and valuable Green2 treeless paper products, which intend to meet all the needs and requirements of users without harming nature’s resources. Potential customers can purchase different types of tree-free paper products at reasonable rates from the website. Business and household consumers can equally enjoy the benefits of these products from TrueGreen.

A user of TrueGreen’s Green2 treeless paper says, “I purchased the paper towels and they work great. I especially like that the product is biodegradable. Just great! I hope you will continue to expand your product line.”

Tree-free paper products from TrueGreen are now distributed by Ke He & Tree of Life, Unfi West and Haddon House. The featured Green2 treeless paper products consist of multi-fold paper towels, jumbo roll bath tissue, pop-up sticky notes, notebook filler paper, copy paper, bowls, plates, napkins, paper towels, facial tissue, and bath tissue. The manufacturers guarantee that products are delivered to customers without compromising the quality and standard. Green2 paper products from TrueGreen are said to be made out of sustainable and renewable resources like bamboo grass and sugar cane husk. Customers who really want to make a change can use biodegradable and environment friendly treeless paper products.

The website says, “We believe in living responsibly and through our efforts making a positive impact on our earth, we are dedicated to creating a future for our children by sustaining our earth’s precious resources.”

Green2 tree-free paper products from TrueGreen can be now purchased online from Shoppers can choose from Green2 tree-free Ultra Soft Facial tissue 90 Ct 30 Cube boxes, Green2 100% tree-free bath Tissue 300 Sheets/Roll 12 Rolls/Pack 8 Packs/Case, Green2 Singles Paper Tower – 70 Sheets per pack – 30 packs per case and others at attractive prices. TrueGreen has also added a number of new treeless paper products at this website in order to serve diverse customers. Green2 paper products are designed to retain the precious and limited natural resources of our earth.

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TrueGreen is committed to the production of treeless paper products, which ensures preservation of the environment. These tree-free paper products can be purchased online from the website

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