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Fighting for Air: Historical Novel Takes Aim at Forgotten & Misunderstood Early Life Story of the Gallant Doc Holiday - The "Deadly Doctor of the West"

Masterfully written by Jack Kincade in a true fusion of fact and fiction, ‘Fighting For Air-The Unknown Adventures Of Young Doc Holliday’ adds yet another vital piece to the history books by shedding light on the coming-of-age of the Wild West’s greatest gun-slinging anti-hero. Hailed “magnetic” and “rip-roaring” by readers, the novel exposes Holliday’s life story from his Civil War upbringing right through to that fateful night in Dodge when he single handedly saved Wyatt Earp’s life from the notorious Clay Allison and his gang of vengeance seeking cowboys, at the ripe old age of 28.


Valencia, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- As an award-winning Screenwriter and Sound Editor, Jack Kincade is no stranger to captivating audiences. However, his latest novel stretches far beyond creative imagination to complete the history books of the Wild West and one of its most legendary figures – the enigmatic Doc Holliday.

Melding fact with fiction, ‘Fighting For Air-The Unknown Adventures Of Young Doc Holliday’ tells the previously-unpublished yet compelling coming-of-age story of Holliday, whose pre-‘celebrity’ days were filled with as many daring adventures and dangerous encounters as any true Western hero ever had. However, the book’s most powerful insight is into Holliday’s deadly battle with Consumption, Tuberculosis, which caused the desperate twenty-one year old to flee West and spin life by its chamber.

Official synopsis:

How did this frail southern lad from Georgia ever grow up to become the brave, dashing Doc Holliday of Western legend? How could this sickly young man, with all of his formal education and gentlemanly upbringing, transform himself so radically into the avenging anti-hero who took on the meanest bad men the savage Wild West ever had to offer?

And why would valiant Wyatt Earp, of all people, trust this notorious young gunslinger so implicitly with his own noble, young life. All of these unknown questions are finally answered. 'Fighting for Air' is a brand new epic Western novel spanning the most exciting, courageous years of Young Doc Holliday's formative life from his early Civil War childhood and on into the making of his own glorious Legend. It's a stirring American fable filled with young love and unexpected loss, perfect friendship and unquestioned honor set amid the swirling gunsmoke of his heroic blood stained youth. Some say it all happened just like this!

“The purpose of this book is two-fold. I want to give people an edge-of-their-seat story, while also settling the score about young Holliday’s early life; a tale fraught with misinterpretation and factual inconsistencies,” says Kincade. “For example, he fled out West at his doctor’s orders, after receiving his devastating Tuberculosis diagnosis, to see if he could possibly add a year, maybe two, to his young life. Many writers say this fateful verdict caused him to give up on living and turned him into a violent, drifting monster. Nothing more than a doomed, sick young man just waiting to die, even eager for it most days. However, I believe the complete opposite is true! Holliday had an increased zest for life after riding West. He fought every day in order to live that one day longer; to wring every single drop out of whatever precious time he had left coming to him. Truthfully, no young man ever wanted to live more than young Doc Holliday.”

Continuing, “Naturally, he wasn’t born with a gun in his hand, so this novel explains exactly how Doc Holliday became Doc Holliday. It’s a gripping story that generations of people have been missing and waiting to hear.”

Kincade is correct. Early reviews for the novel are overwhelmingly positive.

For example, Christopher Philip comments, “I loved it and I didn't want to stop reading once I'd started. It’s a fascinating story and an eye opener as to how things really were in the Civil War and after as young Doc travels westward. A very well written novel and it makes me want to know more of the early history of this country. I hope a movie is made from this book - it's just begging for it.”

Charles Pell was equally as impressed, adding, “It's a rare event when one finds a novel which reads like riding the rapids straight to the open sea. This novel wets your appetite with each page and maintains your interest from one chapter to the next. Consequently, I devoured it all in a day and a half just because I couldn't put it down. I was sorry to see the story come to an end.”

‘Fighting For Air-The Unknown Adventures Of Young Doc Holliday’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1pG3PsG.

For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://www.youngdocholliday.com.

About Jack Kincade
Born in Fairbanks, Alaska into a career Air Force family, Jack Kincade grew up all across the face of this great country; from Beverly, Massachusetts to Twenty-nine Palms, California; from Presque Isle, Maine to Albany, Georgia and everywhere in between, before serving four years in the Marine Corps himself. Winner of the UCLA Film School 'Jim Morrison Award' and Emmy Award Nominee in Sound, and currently the Supervising Sound Editor on AMC's new epic Western series, 'HELL ON WHEELS', Netflix's 'ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK', and Fox's 'NEW GIRL'.