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Fighting Muscle Fatigue While Exercising


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2013 -- Beginning exercisers and professional athletes alike all experience one common side-effect of activity: muscle fatigue. While frustrating, this is the body’s normal response when adapting to a new fitness routine and keeping a person aware that they have reached their psychological and metabolic limit for activity. To combat this effect, there are lifestyle changes one can make which will improve fitness levels and minimize muscle fatigue overall.

Ensure before and after each workout that a person is maintaining a proper diet of complex carbohydrates and proteins, plenty of fruits and vegetables, calcium and other essential nutrients. Carbohydrates are necessary before activity to maintain stamina and provide energy, and protein is important post-workout to aid with muscle repair.

In addition to nutrition, maintain adequate hydration by drinking water or sports drinks throughout the day and throughout the workout. The recommended daily intake of fluid is 10-12 8oz glasses per day, and approximately 125-150ML of liquid for every 10-20 minutes of activity.

Pay attention to the form of the exercises being engaged in. Proper form eliminates unnecessary movement, which will help channel energy into the workout and enable a person to balance and perform better. Pay attention not only to cardiovascular endurance – which is important in delaying muscle fatigue and improving overall health – but maintain adequate flexibility and strength levels to protect the body from injury and improve performance of physical movements.

Maintaining proper fitness levels will not only help fight muscle fatigue, but will increase physical performance, cardiovascular health, and overall physical well-being.

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