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Fighting Through the Slow Runner Mentality


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Individuals run for different reasons: for some, it’s the workout of choice in their quest for better health, for others it’s a hobby or a competitive sport. But there are those in the population who fear running, or avoid it because they feel their performance lacks, or other runners will consider them slow. But in the long run, performance and speed matter less in health than those who run races for competitive reasons. Fitness can often be a state of mind, as can considering oneself a “slow” runner. If a person wishes to change their physical performance, sometimes all that takes is changing the way they think of themselves.

Numerous studies into sports psychology have proven that positive thinking and self-talk can be powerful motivators or detractors when it comes to fitness and health. The way we frame the context of a workout or a race in our mind can translate into physical performance. Athletes who go into a race with more positive thoughts have better outcomes in performance, and those who run for fitness have better results when they believe in themselves. Reframing self-talk and praising accomplishments no matter how small are important for mental and physical growth.

And physically, there isn’t much difference between a “slow” runner and someone who is faster. The feelings of satisfaction, the adrenaline rush, the disappointment of a poor time or the feeling of freedom that’s achieved when we’re out on the trails are the same no matter the running speed. A person who runs a 5K in 15 minutes accomplished the same distance as someone who ran it in 30 – both worked hard and sacrificed, and experienced individual challenges they had to overcome. Both are successful, speed doesn’t matter.

As with other physical activities, it’s bad to compare individual goals with the accomplishments of others. There’s always going to be someone stronger, or faster, or more fit than the rest of the crowd. What we should focus on is individual accomplishments that we persevered through rather than what another person is doing with their physical fitness.

Finally, the running crowd is notoriously friendly and supportive to individuals of all fitness levels and speed. They support and cheer on all race participants, and are simply glad a person has joined the club rather than obsessed and concerned with the speed of their pace. If running is something an individual wishes to try, speed should not be the focus. Work on building endurance and stamina, and accomplishing short term goals for long term benefits.

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