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Organic Fijian Noni Fruit Juice Benefits Include an Intense Energy Boost

Organic Fijian Noni offers a major burst of energy.


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- As the market for health food and energy drinks grows steady stronger certain forerunners continuously pops up. Energy rich foods and drinks are continuously popular, as are anti-oxidant rich foods. Organic fruit and vegetables and their extracts, essences and juice are also very popular among health food consumers. Exotic fruits and vegetables provide both a change of pace in terms of flavor and texture, but also different nutrients and minerals than the standard fare. Juices are popular options as well allowing the benefit of fruits and vegetables without the time necessary to eat a proper meal. Juices tend to allow minerals and nutrients into the bloodstream faster as they digest more rapidly as well. One popular juice in the current health food market is Noni juice, made from the Polynesian Noni fruit or Morinda citrofolia as it is known in scientific circles. Organic noni fruit juice benefits include a boost of energy and strong dose of anti-oxidants as well as the potential for several other health improvements.

The Fijian people have considered noni fruit a source of nourishment and medicine. It has been purported to assist with a wide variety of health improvements. It is known to contain anti-inflammatory compounds as well as an enormous load of anti-oxidants. It is also known to contain a huge dose of B and B-12 vitamins and compounds that provide an enormous burst of energy. These same vitamins offer an immune system boost. Unlike many other energy intense juices and drinks organic Fijian noni contains very little sugar. This means the energy from the B vitamins is long lasting and not likely to cause a sugar crash later.

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