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Chart Business Success with a Robust File-Hosting


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Performance, reliability and more importantly, security are the key ingredients that can make a file hosting company a success. Fileburst has understood this very well and hence they use a technology known as Content Delivery Network or Cloud CDN for providing robust file-hosting services to their clients.

Fileburst adds that the best cloud storage and file hosting they provide are based on the Cloud Hosting concept and they have many features that facilitate speedy downloads of content irrespective of the sizes of the files and where the users are. It is the Fileburst GlobalPOPs in various places of the world that cache the content round the clock and so, users can have the files downloaded from the closest cache servers to their locations, highlights Fileburst.

Fileburst is elated to add that though clients can have the best network technology for their content delivery and the best cloud storage, they need not pay exorbitant charges for the file-hosting services. Fileburst content delivery services are available for as low as $49 per month backed up by a money-back guarantee valid for 30 days. Fileburst claims that the services will massively improve the performances and user experiences of their clients because downloads will be ten times faster. Customers can enjoy security protection for their software also, adds Fileburst. There are no set up fees or exorbitant monthly costs, the payment can be done as and when the services are used. They are proud to point out the huge file support they give to customers for the sake of disk images.

With the Global CDN technology and the best cloud storage they offer, clients can have appropriate solutions for their Video Streaming needs as well. Since competition is stiff, businesses have to constantly update their websites with images and video contents, and this may make their sites bigger. This may result in delay in loading but unfortunately, visitors may not have the time and patience to wait to view the things they want. The service like acceleration of the whole sites provided by Fileburst comes in as a relief. To help game developers as well as publishers, they provide the best solutions for high-speed delivery of contents, they assert. To avoid frustration of online shoppers, the e-commerce sites of their clients can be made safe, effective and efficient.

About Fileburst
Formed in 2002 to set a new standard for premium managed file hosting, Fileburst provides a superior cloud file hosting environment through its proprietary control panel system, innovative features, global CDN networks, and fast 24/7 customer service.

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