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Film Schools 4U Announces Limited Period Offer on Film School DVD Course

The film programs focus on multiple aspects like writing, directing, cinematography etc.


Chapel Hill, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- Film Schools 4U, founded by Erick von Schulz and Burton Morris, has announced that their film making DVD course consisiting of a set of 5 DVDs is on a limited period offer. The Film School DVD Course called ‘The Starter Course in Filmmaking’ has a regular price of $788 and is now available for sale at $197. The owners have stated that this is a limited period offer on the film school DVD set. The course consists of film programs in which the two filmmakers discuss at length about the finer points of filmmaking.

Von Schulz has been in the industry for 20 years and Burton Morris has been his mentee for the last one and a half years. The founders have come up with a way to impart the finer knowledge about filmmaking to the audience through interactive video tutorials in which Morris poses Schulz questions which plagued Morris during his entry into the arena and for which he had sought the help of his mentor. Erick von Schulz said about the program, “You will know no longer be in the stumbling around in the dark when trying to figure out the basic techniques that every filmmaker needs to know.”

Burton Morris described the contents of the course as important for any filmmaker venturing into the industry to have a firm direction right from the beginning. It includes the discussion about every aspect of filmmaking including writing, directing, cinematography etc. He said, “I know this information is vital because I notice these techniques now more than ever in the movies I go to see at the theater or watch on DVD.”

Shane R. Hutchinson from North Carolina, who bought the Film School workshop DVD set, said “This is a good addition to any film degree, since it shows you how to put all of those books you've read and terms you've learned into a real product.”

More details about the course offered for film school education by Film Schools 4U can be viewed at their official website. The details of the offer on the course can also be seen here.

About Film Schools 4U
Film Schools 4U has been founded by Erick von Schulz, with 20 years experience in the industry, as well as Burton Morris, also a filmmaker and mentee of Schulz. The film school courses offered by the duo consist of a set of 5 DVDs catering to novice filmmakers who wish to learn from the expert and also for other filmmakers helping them fine tune their skills. The filmmaking DVDs comprise of video tutorials and step-by-step representations which enumerates the nuances of various aspects of filmmaking. The tutorials have been so designed to address the burning doubts that anyone trying to do filmmaking professionally would have in their minds.

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