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Film Schools 4U Brings out Filmmaking DVDs

The course from Eric von Schulz and Burton Morris is on limited period offer


Chapel Hill, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- Film Schools 4U, started by Eric von Schulz and Burton Morris for introducing film school education for prospective filmmakers and others to fine-tune their filmmaking skills, offers Film School DVD course consisting of 5 DVDs. ‘The Starter Course in Filmmaking’ has been introduced so as to help folks garner the filmmaking skills that Erick von Schulz has learned over the years. Burton Morris, who was mentored by Schulz, engages him in discussion regarding the filmmaking tips that he had given the younger filmmaker over the last one and a half years.

Eric von Schulz said about his filmmaking DVD course, “The knowledge contained in this course took me over twenty years to accrue. I have no doubt that if I had been taught the lessons in this course, I’d be working on large budget features by now.”

The film school DVD set which consist of 5 DVDs focuses on several aspects of filmmaking and gives in-depth instructions and pointers about each one. These include writing, audio, directing, cinematography etc. As a limited period offer, the filmmaking DVD’s are now available for sale as well. The DVD set has a regular price of $788 which has been now slashed to $197 for a limited time.

Burton Morris, while providing details about the film programs, said, “I have helped create a replica of the mentor process that I have been through with Erick over the last year and a half. I thought up of many of the questions I had about the filmmaking process and asked Erick to address them through easy-to-understand video tutorials.”

Amanda from Hillsborough thinks the course will help her do better than ever. She said, “From camera angles, lighting, focus, depth to acting tips, time saving, budgeting, camera equipment etc., the scope and depth of this course is far beyond the nuts and bolts that usually pass for master film making 101.”

More details of the course can be obtained at the official website of the film school and information regarding the limited period offer can be viewed here.

About Film Schools 4U
Eric von Schulz , who has been into commercial filmmaking for the past 20 years and Burton Morris, also a filmmaker who has been mentored by von Schulz began Film Schools 4U to help novice filmmakers quickly learn the nuances of filmmaking and have a better foothold in the industry right from the beginning. The film school courses are also aimed at helping filmmakers fine tune their skills. ‘The Starter Course in Filmmaking’ Film School workshop DVD set from Film Schools 4U consists of video tutorials which shows discussions between the two founders as well as step-by-step representations.

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