Film Tells Hidden Story of Soldiers Returning Home

Indiegogo push will fund production of this film


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- Taking a life during combat is often part of the wartime experience. Yet soldiers live in the dimension of confusion when they defend their country by taking an action that would otherwise end in their judgment and incarceration. The mortality of war wages against the morality of the rest of a soldier’s life. They are taught one thing in their nurturing youthful years, and then they are told to set that aside when they become the property of one of the branches of the military. Post-traumatic stress disorder is only one of the collateral effects of wartime experiences.

It's not just the soldier who reels from the effects of war, but it's everyone they come home to. Transitioning to civilian life brings a soldier back to the foundation that they were reared upon, but the life is not the same. A mother, a spouse, a child – they don't see the same person who left for war, and they wonder where that person hides.

Deficiencies in supporting vets seem to crop up in many areas, including helping them to acclimate and normalize once war is over, or once they return home.

“Stranger At Home,” is a film that shares the peeled-back truth about what happens to soldiers when they return home with bodily injuries and/or less obvious soul wounds. Psychological, emotional and spiritual wreckage happens, and many remedies fall short of dealing with the ripple effects that impact families and communities. There's also the ever-present threat of homelessness; which is a real experience of many veterans. Isolation, loss of non-tangibles and tangibles are legion. Unless someone is related or knows such a veteran, their stories remain hidden from the masses.

Scores of people just don't know about the experience of the stranger at home.

This film is expected to evoke changes in the level of knowledge about the epidemic that brave men and women have endured. By better understanding their stories, it is expected to result in civilian and official action, so that more can share in supporting these people who defend this country's freedoms.

The success of this campaign will help allow the soldiers' story to be portrayed in a compassionate way with a feature-length quality production that will raise consciousness, conversations and solutions to the forefront.


In support of their crowd funding campaign, the filmmakers in association with From The Heart Productions are committed to:

-Going to production with the documentary
-Contributing to Lives of Promise, which strengthens traumatized families, such as ones experiencing PTSD, through advocacy and support
-Providing all promised perks to reward supporters of the campaign

The Indiegogo campaign’s initial goal of $300,000 is currently active and runs through July 11, 2014 at 11:59 Pacific Time. Full details about the Indiegogo campaign including sponsorship and involvement levels can be found at:

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