Platinum Eagle Publishing Introduces Film Making Blog with Filmmaking Tips for Students and Course Support for Video Production Instructors and Film Making Teachers

Nicholas George, the author of Film Crew: Fundamentals of Professional Film and Video Production, has launched a new blog. Nicholas is also offering an educational support disk to aid teachers using the Film Crew book to teach video and film making classes to junior high through high school and college age students.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- There is a new website designed for film students who want to make a movie or video, but do not quite know where to start. has recently introduced a new film making blog offering insightful approaches into filmmaking and simple methods to help people interested in filmmaking learn how to make a movie. Whether you want to go to film school or just want to make a YouTube video, home video, or a video for your Facebook page, has now made video production even easier with its filmmaker’s blog. The blog is also tailored for homeschoolers interesting in learning filmmaking.

The author of the film making book, Film Crew, Nicholas George has recruited some other very talented filmmakers to contribute to the Film Maker’s Blog, including editor Claude Shires from Unreal Media based in Los Angeles, and Director De Veau Dunn, whom Nicholas has partnered with on various projects through San Diego based production company Endi Entertainment. De Veau Dunn has worked on hundreds of commercials, short films, pilots, and television shows, both in front of and behind the camera. When asked why he chose to be a contributor to the new film making blog, De Veau responded, "I have been fortunate enough to have some very giving film makers mentor me. The blog seems to be a great way to give back to the filmmaking community and is especially good for new filmmakers on low budgets."

The new blog will help filmmakers to better comprehend the overall process in making a successful video from start to finish, as well as including money and time saving video production tips for people interested in video production. The film maker’s blog is now live and offers help with such topics as script formatting, brainstorming a script, and how to make a movie from beginning to completion.

Video production instructors using Film Crew to teach the fundamentals of video production to students can also get support in the form a CD teaching aid. The CD contains illustrations, production forms, and a test bank with answer keys. This complimentary teaching aid is available to qualified education programs that use Film Crew as a filmmaking course text. Nicholas encourage educators to contact him through the website if they are interested in using the text in one of their video production classes and would like this free teaching aid. The book Film Crew is a low cost textbook that provides a straight forward, nuts and bolts approach to the craft of movie making.

Requests for a free review copy of the book for instructors at a qualifying educational institution, as well as requests for the educator’s support CD for instructors already using the book can be sent to the email or address listed below.

About Film Crew
Many reviewers consider Film Crew to be one of the best low cost film making books available on A number of high schools and colleges from coast to coast have already adopted Film Crew for use as a filmmaking textbook in various video production and film making classes.