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Filmmaker and Photographer Feisal Malik Launches Crowdfunding Project to Aid the Plight of the African Elephant


Nairobi, Kenya -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2013 -- Feisal Malik, Producer and Director of “The Last In Line” documentary, has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to help raise $45,000 for completion of the film that will raise awareness of the ravages of poaching, the African elephant’s plight. A wildlife documentary filmmaker and photographer in Kenya fully emersed in the industry since 1999 Malik said of his plans, “I cannot stand by and watch the encroachment over land belonging to wildlife because of the demand for ivory. At the very least I hope my project will raise awareness and compassion for these majestic animals. To bring attention to the need I will also produce an African Elephant pictorial coffee table book entitled ‘Elephants Wear Ivory’. People have got to see the beauty of what’s being destroyed.”

Currently the Secretary of the Kenya Film & TV Professional Association Malik’s project indeed is two pronged. The first highlights the completion of the one hour documentary that educates the viewer on how poaching trends are drastically reducing the numbers of elephants in Kenya and what it will entail for humans to take responsibility for that fact. The second prong of the campaign will celebrate the beauty of one of the world’s most astounding creatures in a formidable book. The documentary and the pictorial book will be sold together to highlight both sides of the elephant’s story. More specifically, proceeds from the sale of the documentary and book will be donated to elephant conservation efforts and anti-poaching drives in Kenya. “My dream is for the population numbers of the African Elephant to soar again and that our children and their children will still be able to see the African Elephant in person, as opposed to seeing them in pictures and documentaries as a gigantic species that once roamed the earth freely but who has lost their place in this world due to human greed.” added Malik.

The $45,000 raised for the two-pronged project will fund all production costs for the documentary and will allow for the publication of the one hundred page coffee table book. Though the photos have already been selected the book is still in need of compilation. Graphic design as well as captions and stories related to each photo need to be in place for publishing. As for the documentary, a story line must be finalized and footage of the elephants in the wild must be recorded. Interviews with key people related to the conservation drive must also be attained. Lastly, for post-production, an edit suite will supply a location for the recording of voice-overs and the insertion of music. The edit suite will also enable the filmmaker cut the film for presentation to audiences worldwide.

Perks for the crowdfunding campaign are divided into three parts. For the Bronze

Donation of $25 one will have their name appear in the end credits of the documentary. For a Silver Donation of $100 a donor will enjoy their name in the end credits and an acknowledgement in the book. They will also receive a DVD copy of the documentary. The Gold Donation of $200 will include all the afore mentioned perks as well as a signed copy of the coffee table book.

To his credit, Feisal Malik has already completed a documentary selected for the Zanzibar International Film Festival entitled, “My Zanzibar”.

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