Filmmaker Jane Sanger and Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for the Making of Breaking Free Film, an Inspirational Film Based on a True Story

This is the story of a young boy's triumph over adversity. The film features popular music from Madness, Madonna, etc.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- Jane Sanger the Producer has a great and passionate team that includes the amazing director Simon Trinder from Royal Shakespeare Company. In the past, Simon has directed with Andrew Lloyd Weber R. Lumino Films have made several gritty films but this is their first feature based on a true heartwarming story from Christopher Lee Power's published book. The team also comprises of an Oscar Nominated Director of Photography and a highly experienced crew. Christopher Lee Power, the author of Breaking Free, is a hard working and inspiring man who makes sure the final result is as authentic as possible.

As a small child, Christopher and his siblings were upstairs in their Rock Ferry home near Birkenhead, Liverpool as a family friend was murdered in the hallway below. As the victim breathed his last, little Christopher’s life was turned upside down and inside out. The Power family left to start a new life elsewhere in a plight to escape the shackles of trauma. However, this is the move that launched Christopher into turmoil, torn between his intelligent conscience and the gritty reality of life on a council estate in the 80s.

The entire team at Lumino Films is passionate about filmmaking. This film is particularly appealing to them because it is based on a true story from a published book. It is backed by a great script, interesting characters, a successful director, and British locations. It certainly has all the ingredients to become a massive hit.

Lumino Films have already raised some funds, but they need more to complete the film. Funding assistance is required for the best cameras, lighting, sound equipment, locations, and food to feed the crew. The funding budget for the campaign is £50,000.

Help them get this story made into a film that will inspire all to believe that from the depths of despair something life changing may be just around the corner.

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About Breaking Free
Breaking Free is Films’ Upcoming movie based on Christopher Lee Power’s published book. Based on the author’s life story, this upcoming movie looks all set to become a big hit.