Filmsoul.Com Is a New Internet Platform Catering for the Independent Film


Roeser, Luxembourg -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2013 -- An independent film is the reflection of a filmmakers' personal artistic vision, many film makers pour their hearts and soul in their work, but due to the reason that independent films are produced mostly or completely outside of the major film studio and distribution system. Usually many independent film productions receive financial aids from cultural government institutions, these funds only allow distribution limited to the national territory which in Europe for instance is very small. The film has to be distributed separately country by country thus the productions have to deal with 27 different markets whereas in the US there is just one big market. This means independent films suffer due to limited distribution if at all.

Bob Bellion has been in film production for 20 years and has over 40 productions in his filmography. Being in the industry for so many years allowed Bob to understand the frustration of producers, distributors and promoters of independent films. Thus, he created an online platform “” for people to stream their movies live at the price they chose and in the territories worldwide they define on a non-exclusive basis. is a new internet platform catering exclusively for the independent films. Bob believes that when a movie has been shot under professional conditions it should have the right to be shown and the public will decide if they want to watch it or not. Movies are not selected on artistic or technical quality while other internet VOD platforms make a selection on the commercial potential and the technical quality of a film. lets the public decide what they want to see, they also realize that a lot of productions cannot afford to use expensive technology. Furthermore, films that have been shot on 35 mm or 16 mm and digitalized without being HD will also be accepted on, this will give to the public the opportunity to view movies that were considered “lost”.

The website will be user friendly for both content providers and viewers. Content providers including publishers and composers will be provided their own webpage on which will include a home page, about page, their movies, their network and contact information. The plan is to not only allow content provider a platform to showcase their work but also create an interactive environment. The FilmSoul Community will allow movie buffs and professionals to exchange views, follow people, and exchange messages to communicate and help each other. The official launch will take place at the Cannes Film Market during the Cannes Film Festival from 15th – 26th May 2013. Bob will be available for any questions at booth 19/07 at Palais 01 at the Film market during the whole period.

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