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Filter Smart Water Filtration Systems Offers New Whole House Solutions

Filter Smart has created new whole house water filtration systems using economically and environmentally friendly materials for healthier, purer water.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- Water is one of the most essential elements to human life and yet we most often take for granted the fact that unlimited supplies of it flow through our faucets. In fact, this water is recycled, chemically treated and may be full of elements that may affect the bodies hormonal and immune system composition. To avoid this, individuals must invest in water filtration systems which often include putting filters on every tap in the home, proving both expensive and high maintenance. Filter Smart has created a new kind of whole house carbon filter that is low maintenance, easy to install and best of all, affordable.

The new whole house water system uses coconut-shell derived carbon to provide an eco-friendly water filtration system capable of straining out 99% of all particulates including foreign chemicals like fluoride and chlorine. The result is better tasting, cleaner water that can be used to drink, wash dishes and bathe in, all from a single source connected to the house water supply.

Filter Smart water conditioners are available directly from their website, cutting out middle men and reducing the cost to the consumer, and come with a lifetime warranty to ensure peace of mind.

A spokesperson for Filter Smart Water explained, “We not only sell water filtration systems but can arrange to have the installed too. While all our units are sold DIY ready, individuals who want a single hands-off solution to all their water filtration requirements need look no further. Because our systems add no sodium to the water as is found in salt-based filters, and uses environmentally sustainable materials, individuals also needn’t worry about things like pipe corrosion. This makes us the ultimate solution, and combining our water filter and water softener products still costs less than many single function devices from competitors. This is because we have found a powerless, natural solution to this 21st century problem.”

About Filter Smart Water
Filter Smart Water is the top provider of salt free water softeners and whole house water filtration. Their systems produce the very best water purity attainable, and all without the use of salt or other chemicals. They have uniquely designed systems that are healthier and more environmentally friendly than anything else on the market. For more information please visit: