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Finally! a Health and Fitness Book for Smokers.

‘A Smoker’s Guide to Health and Fitness’ addresses the total physical and mental health needs of current and former smokers, making it a unique health resource that can improve the lives of tens of millions of people. This invaluable book doesn’t reduce smokers to their cigarette habit and holds out the possibility of a healthier life even for smokers who don’t choose to quit.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- There are plenty of health and fitness books out there, but very few specifically address the needs of smokers and ex-smokers, who are often searching for information relevant to their own health. A comprehensive guide has been in demand for many years. Thanks to Dr. Tamir Katz and Hila Katz, authors of ‘A Smoker’s Guide to Health and Fitness,’ the demand has finally been met.


“There's more to you than your cigarette habit.

Quitting is a hugely important step for a smoker to take, but there's a lot more that you can be doing for your fitness and health. A Smoker's Guide to Health and Fitness uniquely addresses the total physical and mental health needs of current and former smokers.

In this practical and informative e-book, Dr. Tamir Katz and his co-author, Hila Katz, discuss exercise, diet, vitamins, medical check-ups and preventative screenings, stress and mental illness, tobacco cessation resources (for those smokers who wish to quit), and smoking-related illnesses. It's an excellent resource for current and former smokers and their family and friends.”

As Hila Katz explains, she and her brother aim to give smokers the information and guidance they need to make positive changes to their lifestyle and health.

“Ideally all smokers would quit, but if they don't wish to or find that they can't there are still things they can do to help reduce the risk of smoking-related illnesses. We also believe that in making positive changes in other areas of their life (such as exercise, diet, and stress reduction) they may be more apt to smoke less or quit entirely,” says Katz.

Continuing, “Our book also has a discussion about tobacco cessation that presents a number of strategies, methods, and medical resources smokers can call on if they do wish to quit. Former smokers should also strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle to help offset the damage done to their bodies by years of smoking; quitting smoking successfully is important, but one shouldn't be complacent either - there are other health-related improvements a person can make.”

The book covers topics ranging from symptoms of smoking related diseases to watch out for to the usefulness vs. uselessness of various medical screenings, right through to a guide on healthy eating, exercise routines geared towards people of different fitness levels, vitamins and supplements to look into or avoid, and advice on promoting good mental health. All this in addition to advice on how to successfully quit.

“We don't scold smokers or talk down to them. We also don't take an all-or-nothing approach to their smoking; though we strongly encourage all smokers to quit, if they still smoke and don't intend to quit we believe there are still other things they can be doing to work on their health,” Katz adds.

The authors have also set up an informative blog to post the latest research, provide people with updates and share stories of how their readers are making the book’s information work for them.

Indispensable to the tens of millions of smokers in the U.S. and around the world, ‘A Smoker’s Guide to Health and Fitness,’ published by THK Publications, is now available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/ZXOWq1

For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://www.smokersfitness.com/

About Dr. Tamir Katz & Hila Katz
Dr. Tamir Katz practices family medicine in Spring Valley, NY and has a long-standing interest in fitness and nutrition.

Hila Katz has an MA in psychology and currently works as a writer in New York City.