Finally a Real Fuss Free Facial Mask


Balcatta, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2013 -- Have you ever wished you could find a facial mask that was less messy and was less fuss? Well the launch of the Essenzza Fuss Free Facial Masks might just be what you are looking for.

Indulging in a traditional facial mask treatment can be quite time consuming not to mention the mess of applying the masks and its removal. With our busy lifestyles it is always difficult to find the time to have a quick facial at the end of the day. Well Fuss Free Facials could be the answer. The masks use as premium quality Japanese Silk cotton as the applicator for the natural formulation in the sachet. These masks have been used for many years in Asia due to their ease of use and the resultant benefit leaving the skin silky smooth and hydrated.

It's easy to find all kinds of masks but most use really cheap quality cotton which is not only uncomfortable to wear but they struggle to truly hug the contours of the face when applied, an important factor. You need a mask that clings to all of the face especially around the eyes nose and mouth and this is exactly what the Japanese Silk Cotton does.

To apply the masks you simply open the sachet and unfold the mask to reveal the shape of the face with cut outs for the eyes, nose and mouth. Simply peel away the outer white shiny protective layer leaving two remaining layers.

Due to the exquisite fine nature of the Japanese silk a final blue layer protects the mask so that it does not tear while in the sachet. You finally need to apply the silk cotton layer to the face with the remaining blue layer facing away from the face, applying the facial masks in front of a mirror will make this a lot easier. Once the silk cotton masks is in place gently separate the blue layer from the silk cotton and peel away from side to side.

By now you will have experienced the yummy moist formulation which is where the true benefit of using these masks comes in. Made from a natural formulation with no nasty parabens or sulphates, the masks come in three varieties such as Cleanse and Exfoliate, Moisturize and Smooth or Anti-Ageing and Antioxidant.

What's great about using this type of mask is that the cotton easily clings to the contours of the face so while you leave the mask on for ideally 20-30 mins, you are free to go about your normal chores or perhaps do your nails at the same time. They really allow you to move around the house while they work their magic.

When finished simply peel away the silk mask. You'll find due to the abundance of formulation that your skin will be still be quite moist, this is when you can choose to either gently remove the excess with a warm flannel or ideally leave it to dry. With maybe some excess formulation in the sachet use every ounce to moisturize other parts of your skin such as your hands or neck. You will feel truly revitalized and sense a silky smooth glow to your skin; it will certainly let you dream off to sleep.

The concept of true Fuss Free Facials has truly arrived making this an enjoyable indulgent experience.

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