Finally Second City Style Sketch Comedy Comes to Calgary

Inspired by the Saturday Night Live, SCTV and Kids in The Hall type sketch comedy, The ADHD Sketch Comedy Show is a series of fast and funny sketches followed by an audience interactive second half.


Calgary, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- ADHD Sketch Comedy is a Chicago style sketch comedy show , hoping to recreate similar success and sustainability like that of the Chicago scene.With the brilliant cast line up, they are expecting a huge turn out to experience a series of laughter packed performances.

The main highlights of the ADHD Sketch Comedy are as follows:-

- Huge downtown venue with bar and pub food service
- Exceptional live scripted comedy performances
- Highly experienced and talented cast members
- Great way to celebrate an office parties or spend time with friends
- Fun and lively venue

The main highlight of the show is its vivid cast line up consisting of experienced actors, stand up comedians, the finest comedy writers, performers and improvisers. The casting is done with a view to revive the same experience like that of the Chicago scene. The cast is excited to bring you a unique and completely original brand of hilarious and fast paced sketches and interactive entertainment.

The show is going to approximately be 90 minutes long with a 15 minute intermission. It will be held at Dicken’s Pub one Tuesday a month, wherein you can enjoy drinks, yummy pub food and prepare yourself to laugh until it hurts.

“I grew up watching Saturday Night Live and always wanted to recreate the same magic. It was my dream to write a sketch comedy even after my long-time experience in the acting field, and that’s why after completing the writing and improvisation program at Second City in Chicago I immediately went on to start ADHD Sketch Comedy. We perceive it to be a great way to let people to laugh until it hurts.” Says Ally Lane (producer and cast member of ADHD Sketch Comedy). Ally has worked as a professional actor and comedian for over 20 years and is now pursuing her dreams with ADHD Sketch Comedy.

Media Contact:
Name: Allison Lane
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Phone Number: 403-286-1465