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Finance QA Launches Personal Finance Question & Answer Platform


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2014 -- Finance QA removes common barriers of the personal financial planning process with its innovative new website, . Finance QA is revolutionizing the way financial planning information is shared with the public. The site puts financial literacy at the fingertips of each and every user. The final result is the ability for likeminded users to share, learn, and grow from one another’s experiences.

By creating credible personal finance content written by certified financial experts, Finance QA connects visitors to what matters most to them, his or her financial freedom. Through an interactive web design and straightforward discussion, Finance QA delivers on its promise of quality free financial advice without the hassle of leaving home.

Finance QA’s sleek website navigation leads visitors directly to a free format box where any financial question can be submitted and then quickly answered by financial experts. This unique process if further developed as actual user questions with answers are posted publicly and archived for future reference. The result is an online community based on real problems, answered by real financial experts. "Can I Get A Credit Card If I Don’t Have Any Credit?" and "Should I Lease Or Buy A Car?" are just a few of the questions visitors will find succinctly addressed by certified financial consultants.

As a complimentary service, Finance QA consultants are available for one-on-one discussions. Users simply submit his or her contact information along with pressing financial questions and will be contacted promptly by a member of Finance QA’s staff. "Our goal is to make financial planning convenient without sales pressure, something we feel the industry currently lacks,".

Finance QA is dedicated to non-biased financial literacy efforts. Please submit any media requests to the following source:

Jennifer Watson