Joe Bragg Guides Consumers Towards the Best Money Market Rates and Banking Options


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2012 -- Taking responsibility for finances involves tasks like paying the bills and creating a budget, but it also includes understanding how savings accounts and money markets work and becoming aware of fluctuating rates that can impact financial futures. Without this knowledge and information, it can be difficult to effectively save or invest and know the best options for keeping money protected. has emerged as a new bank rating website that tracks deposit accounts, including the best money market rates, certificate of deposit rates, savings rates and more. The website provides in-depth quality editorial content to serve as a resource for consumers who want to make the most of their incomes and ensure their families are protected financially for years to come. From checking in on the latest money market yields to learning more about certificate of deposit rates, the site’s user-friendly navigation enables visitors to find what they need with ease.

The homepage instantly connects visitors with the latest news and information related to banking, such as topics like Best Savings Accounts and Deposit Accounts in June through July 2012 and High Yield Deposit Accounts You Can Open in 10 Minutes. The sites objective is to give consumers a resource that gives them simple, easy to understand information on a host of financial products.

Site visitors can easily find the specific information they are seeking through the site header which features four categories, Savings Accounts, Money Market Accounts, Certificate of Deposits, and Stock Brokers Reviews. Each section delivers extensive editorial content as well as an interactive table that allows consumers to select the types of accounts they are interested in before displaying details of the top four financial institutions in that category. Each lender is accompanied by the interest rates available, APY rate and other useful criteria.

The Stock Brokers Reviews section serves as a guide to consumers seeking the top online trading brokers and covers the features and benefits of seven different brokers including a breakdown of related costs.

“ exists to help consumers in their search for the best money market rates, certificate of deposit rates, and savings rates to optimize their financial future,” said a spokesperson. “Instead of going from site to site online to learn about banks, their various plans, and the current rates available, they can come to our site to obtain all of the information they need to make an informed decision.”

Consumers can also utilize to access opportunities for new credit cards through a simple form on the side-bar. By submitting their e-mail addresses in the box also located in the side-bar, visitors can sign-up to be on the site’s mailing list to get the latest news and updates on finance related products.

In-depth editorial content, stock broker reviews, and real-time bank rates and plan information, make an ideal source for consumers interested in maximizing their incomes to achieve financial security.

About is a new banking website designed to track the best money market rates and yields as well as certificate of deposit rates and savings rates. The site’s user-friendly navigation and current, real-time rate information help consumers to find the right banks and plans to meet their individualized needs. In-depth editorial content and stock broker reviews guide consumers to a better understanding of their banking options. For more information, visit