FinanceUtile Successfully Crowd Funds Tecdron to Create 400% Annual ROI for Investors

FinanceUtile has seen its latest success story go from strength to strength, as a company funded through the crowd-sourced investment platform increases in value by 2.4 times since funding.


Paris, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2014 -- A new law has just been passed in France that makes the crowdfunding of investment simpler and easier for both the platforms providing the opportunities and the companies and investors using those platforms. This is exciting news as it opens up the investment market to more potential investors than ever. FinanceUtile is the single best private equity crowdfunding platform, specializing in providing a chance for innovative start-ups. FinanceUtile has recently successfully funded Tecdron, which saw investors receive nearly two and a half times their initial investment when recently sold to a private investor.

Tecdron initially raised over three hundred thousand Euros from thirty investors large and small in December of 2013, and by September of 2014 was sold to a private investor, rewarding investors with 2.4 times their initial investment, with an annual ROI of over 400%.

This is just one of the many innovative startups that are the focus of the work done by FinanceUtile. FinanceUtile carefully analyses companies applying to be listed on the site. All companies must be supported by a team and cannot be listed by single individuals, so each represents a truly robust investment opportunity. This means that FinanceUtile is more of a showcase than a marketplace, making all the possible investments better choices for investors.

A spokesperson for explained, “The great thing about crowdfunding investment in this way is that it makes it easier than ever for the average person to become a shareholder in what could very easily become the next big thing. By using their own judgment, investors can contribute at any scale to the future of countless exciting new startups. By doing this, we democratize not only business and investment but innovation, and contribute to creating a future where people have a stake in emerging technologies and services that can change lives.”

About FinanceUtile
FinanceUtile is a private equity crowdfunding platform. FinanceUtile chooses innovative startups in France, allowing individuals to invest in them, owning shares of the startups which frequently sell for many times their initial value. The site is regularly updated with new projects and detailed information to ensure investors can make informed decisions. For more information please visit: