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Financial Advisor / Insurance Agent Newsletter with a Unique Marketing Advantage


Pleasant Hill, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- There's a financial newsletter that now offers a unique advantage to financial professionals. The benefits for financial advisors and insurance agents of sending a newsletter to their clients are  obvious and well-known . But the benefits of sending the newsletter to prospects is even greater as the  right newsletter  will convert prospects to clients and increase revenue.

Yet, many financial professionals operate in the  hit-and-run mode  and never cultivate prospects into income. The e-newsletter provided by converts those prospects to clients by making each article similar to a joke without the punch-line. Specifically, each article explains 90% of a topic but to receive the important advice or conclusion or handout, the prospect must contact the advisor/agent. A newsletter should not merely act as a public relations tool when it can also be a direct response tool. Most newsletters simply educate and foolishly omit the call-to-action that has the prospect contact the financial advisor / insurance agent.

But the e-newsletter from provides a special advantage to its financial professional subscribers: the company sends the financial professional new prospects. By advertising the newsletter directly to consumers online, gets requests from investors and insurance buyers to receive the newsletter. The company then passes these requests onto its subscribing financial professionals for the possibility that these requestors can become new clients.

With this additional advantage, the newsletter not only helps to convert the existing prospects of the advisor/agent into clients but also supplies additional fresh prospects for the financial professional.

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